The Chair and Governing Committee of the ADINJC would like to wish all our members and fellow ADIs greetings of the season.

Let us all hope that 2021 brings us all a better year.  I’m sure we will all be glad to let 2020 go and welcome 2021 with more positivity.

Like you, where we can we will be spending some time with our families and will not be open our normal hours between 24th-27th December.

However, I will check my inbox throughout the period in case there are any issues arising, as will some of the team, so please feel free to email if you wish   –


We are only too well aware that this is not a happy time of year for everyone and that some people may be struggling.  Some of our lovely Talk Line volunteers have offered to be available in case anyone needs to talk to someone.  Please feel free to call any of them –

Andrew   07812 537 562

Jilly          07765 362 384

George    07415 651 974

Tony         07900 571 774

Peter        07918 108 577