What Our Members Say

Quentin Willson ADINJC Patron

“I am honoured and privileged to become the Patron of the ADINJC. Anything we can do collectively to try to make the roads safer and to better educate drivers will be a noble cause.”

– Quentin Willson ADINJC Patron

“It was an honour to talk so many driving professionals who between them have saved so many lives. Driving instructors provide a huge benefit to society and should be appreciated more.”

– Quentin Willson speaking at our annual conference

Member Testimonials

“St Albans Association was one of the founder members of ADINJC and to this day our members all benefit from being part of a brilliantly run national association for ADIs which just keeps getting better. Join to meet a dedicated team helping your industry. We did over 40 years ago!”

– Tim McKernan Secretary St Albans Association

“ADINJC is a breath of fresh air compared to other associations.  I like it that you are working voluntarily with no ulterior motive and are not a commercial organisation trying to make money.  You have no remuneration; you have passion and interest in ADIs and are more likely to represent our interests.”

– Joe Virgo, Harrow group

“Helpful, reliable, informative.  Very friendly, very good value for money.  All I would want.  Very happy and impressed.  Always sing your praises, best thing that happened to our group becoming members.  Like the emails as well as the newsflashes, very useful.”

– Andy Morrison Chairman APDI South West

“Fantastic news 1st 4 Driving is now a group members of the ADINJC. All my members enjoy the benefits including the reduced price PI/PL insurance. I’ve been a member for many years and found their information quickest to arrive, most comprehensive and their CPD conference second to none.”

– Dave Foster MA 1st 4 Driving

“ADINJC is very helpful. I recently had help for my Standards Check, and wouldn’t have passed without it. We appreciate that Lynne Barrie has come and talked to our group. You’re doing a job – keep up the good work. I would stay as an individual if the group should ever come out – but there has been no suggestion that they will.”

– Paul Wilson, Mid Powys Association

“Awesome, helpful, supportive.  It’s a no brainer if you’re not part of it.  NJC are volunteers and transparent – a USP”

– Nigel Slater, South East

“I look at the ADINJC membership from the point of view of a multi-car driving school owner. For a very reasonable price, I have signed up my school as an association and now all of my instructors and I benefit from the regular industry information updates, monthly newsletter, association meetings and available training courses. Not to mention the fact that the governing committee will take questions and queries we put forward to the highest level of the DVSA. If you are considering becoming a member of a national association then I can’t recommend the ADINJC highly enough. It’s a non-profit making organisation that puts all its resources into benefiting its members.”

– Matt Stone: Let’s Instruct Driving School

“SmartDriving has now been an ADINJC member organisation for over four years – the benefits of direct representation, support and information offered by ADINJC has been of proven value to my 1600 members.  I firmly believe that this non- profit organisation has a genuine concern for the improvement of our industry and in helping ADIs generally. No organisation is totally politically unbiased or free of “self-interest” but unlike some organisations who may be tempted to put commercial considerations or rigid political agendas before the best interests of their membership, the ADINJC are about as straight and independent as you might hope to get.”

– John Farlam, Smart Driving

“Sometimes life as an ADI can leave you feeling isolated. That is why it is important to be a member of an association. Who is best a local one or a national one? As a member of a local association which in turn is a member of ADINJC, I consider we have the best of both worlds. The ADINJC has provided support on numerous occasions and gives our SADDIA members a feeling that there is always someone behind us to provide help when needed.”

– Mark Christmas Secretary Southend and District Association

“ADINJC are a great national association run by working ADIs who put in a tremendous amount of work to provide us with all the latest up to date information about the industry. They offer us support and a voice at national level. Their CPD courses are excellent, well organised, reasonably priced and very useful. The association meetings are interesting, a great source of information and also a good place to network.”

– Andy Morrison Chairman APDI South West

“Lynne, thanks to yourself and the ADINJC for your help. I had a very excited call from my pupil to say the DVSA had contacted him and re-arranged the test. After all the problems we had with getting a date that was within his theory test date time you have sorted it out for us so easily. I couldn’t sort this out with the DVSA so am truly grateful for the help from the ADINJC.”

– Donna Williams ADI

“Lynne, I am in debt to yourself and the ADINJC when you came to talk to the group. You have saved me from being removed from the register and I want to thank you. You can use my situation as one of your success stories and I would gladly come with you to any meetings you attend to promote the ADINJC.”

– Association member, name withheld

“I had my standards check following attending the ADINJC training day. I got Grade A scoring 49/51. Many thanks to all the speakers, it was an excellent and the hand-outs were really informative and helpful.”

– Kien Fung

“I just wanted to say that last year I did have 2nd thoughts on renewing, but the ADINJC have been a port in the storm for us this year, so I had absolutely no hesitation in renewing this year. Thanks so much for all you guys do and the level of support you have offered to us last year.”

– Kathy Higgins – Insight2Drive


“Best price that can’t be found anywhere else for insurance essential for every ADI!”

– Dave Allen

“Bought because as expected with Waveney, an excellent ethical cover at a fraction of the cost from other providers.”

– Graham Munday, APDI(SW)

“This gives me the peace of mind that all our team are covered and it adds a benefit to our customers knowing that we have all the proper insurances in place should something go wrong.”

– Kathy Higgins, Insight 2 Drive

“I chose to purchase the ADINJC PI-PL insurance, because I have just gone independent as an ADI after 18 months with a franchise. For a few pounds a year, I thought it was a good investment, to help me should the need arise in the future.”

– Fiona Clarke, DIG

“This is one of the areas that is misunderstood by the instructor community as the PL cover under the motor policy only provides the compulsory requirement required under the RTA to compensate innocent parties due to a loss or injury by a third party in relation to accidents caused by motor vehicles.

Waveney Group Schemes provide Public Liability insurance as part of the motor insurance policy this however is only applicable whilst the instructor is in the vehicle and where an accident is the cause of the claim.

What this essentially means is that the Public Liability does not cover any event outside of the car or any incident in the car where a claim cannot be presented to the motor insurer due to no accident occurring.

The ADINJC policy provides Public Liability anywhere in the UK and is not conditional on a motor claim arising.”

– Symon Weedon Waveney Schemes Director


“Very interesting and full of good tips. Extremely helpful to those wishing to develop coaching skills further. Definitely worth attending.

Very enjoyable and informative, thank you all.”

– Geoff Duncalf

“Friendly, informative, professional. Will consider joining ADINJC based on this experience today. My expectations were fulfilled. Thank you.”

– Alan Judge

“The course was good and I’ve got areas to work on.”

– Roy Hewitt

“Well-presented and thought provoking.”

– Rebecca Decker

“Course was extremely worthwhile for me. It has definitely made me realise where I can improve.”

– Cherie Falconer

“Useful refreshers on coaching as it’s easy to slip into bad habits. The coaching question section was useful as was the reflective log and description of GROW.”

– Ursula Young

“I now understand the difference between instruction and coaching. I have learnt a lot today and am very glad I attended this workshop. I feel confident about the things I was unsure of before. Thank you.”

– Mrs Indira Jethwa

“Really enjoyed the course, lots of information and tips. Excellent trainers. Well done.”

– Parv Walling

“Best ADINJC course by far. Great amount of interaction and excellent group exercises. The goals set at the start related well to what we did. I really enjoyed it.”

– Dave Allen

“Very enjoyable and informative.”

– John McLaughlin

“Thanks you all I had a great and informative day.”

– Ruth Easton

“5 out of 5 all the way.”

– Mike Bush

“I give this course 5 out of 5.”

– Fay Epstein

“I have found today absolutely fantastic. I’ve learnt a lot and feel very confident now for my standards check. I think that Lynne and James have both been amazing. I would recommend this course to any ADI.”

– Nicola Dixon

“Thank you very much it’s been a very useful day. Well worth travelling. Excellent trainers.”

– Jane Vaknin

“Helped me greatly. Good job I didn’t go for my standards check without this course. It’s less daunting now.”

– S. Shackleton-Burton

“Very informative, very enjoyable, very glad I attended. 5/5”

– Gary Parr

“Very good course. Glad I attended today. 5/5”

– Bob Butterworth

“The course has given me vital information on the standards check. I also feel I can go away and put it into practice on lessons.”

– Linda Lindsey

“I very much enjoyed the course and the punchy and interesting delivery. I particularly welcomed the handouts as it will allow me to truly absorb the material post event. 5/5”

– John Roberts

“Excellent, very useful and helpful. Picked up a lot and re-enforced some things that I learnt on previous ADINJC courses. I will feel more confident approaching my standards check now. Thank you.”

– Peter Kitt

“Found the course informative and interesting. Learning is ongoing not just for the standards check. Updating my skills is essential.”

– Rayhana Shairaz