The following are questions brought up on Monday evening’s webinar:

Key workers

  • Do we need to have a test date before we can take them out?  See DVSA tweet above
  • Only had a week’s notice for key worker test.  We were warned that test dates might be at short notice.  It’s voluntary whether to teach a key worker so it’s up to the individual to decide if they want to take them on and assess the stage they’re at.  DVSA will want them at test standard so you will need to make a decision on if they are ready for test and how much practice time they can afford and need to have.  Test dates, even for key workers, could be changed.


  • Wearing Face masks, conceals pupils facial expressions , could speech be muffled , communication is fundamentally to our work.  We agree, and this is something to be considered when you decide whether or not to wear them.  It’s not compulsory to wear them so its something to discuss with your pupil.
  • Anybody tried teaching for 2 hours in a mask?  We are gathering feedback from people who have been teaching with masks with key workers.

Test dates

  • Non key workers with tests booked for end of June early July , what is the DVSA policy on cancellation timing or reasonable training lead up to test considering pupils have not had lessons since March?  We await further information from DVSA, who have already said that they appreciate that time needs to be allowed to get pupils back up to test standard. 
  • I have had tests rescheduled by DVSA to late June, from 23rd.  Any news on when their test websites will reopen so I can reschedule these myself?  We don’t know and await further information.


  • My learners are asking why others are having lessons, we could lose them to other instructors.  Explain to pupils that some lessons are taking place for key workers and that other lessons should not be taking place currently.  We would suggest you also explain that there is a list of reasons to be away from home, and driving lessons aren’t on that list.  It is not an essential journey.
  • Should we ask pupils to confirm that they are not suffering from any symptoms before starting a lesson?  Yes, for further advice look at the NASP guidelines which have been sent out.
  • You started this webinar quoting the tweet from DVSA saying not to teach but now your saying its personal choice, can you see why we have conflict?  We are a membership organisation and can only give advice, we can’t tell people what to do.  There are varying opinions within the industry and we can only give you the best advice we can.  We were also saying that each person will have different circumstances in regard to risk factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding when to return.
  • ADI’s are in a slightly different to Taxi drivers and bus drivers in that we know the individuals getting in the car and it is a limited set of people and therefore less risk.  This does not take into account the other risk factor which is the length of time we are in close contact.  We are in the car with pupils for a lot longer time, and that that has to be taken into consideration.  Many taxi drivers are getting passengers to sit in the back, and some have plastic dividers. 
  • Is it against the law to teach at the minute other than key workers.  Can we refer you to the DVSA statement that we sent out yesterday which said that teaching should only be for people being prepared for a key worker test.
  • Surely unless you are teaching a keyworker your insurance company isn’t going to cover you, so you are not insured to teach anyone else?  Currently our information is that this isn’t the case but any ADI who decides to give lessons other than key worker lessons must check with their insurer as it goes against advice that’s being given out.
  • Would it not make more sense to follow the lead of the DVSA and avoid returning to work until DVSA give clear guidance on when full time test timetables will be introduced?  That’s what we are suggesting.

Is there any word on when DVLA will be opening applications for first provisional licences? A future supply of new starters depends on them being able to get their licence in time to start lessons.  We have no further information at this time.

PDIs appear to be getting a raw deal on renewing their licence and are being asked to pay the full fee, even though they cut their licences up as requested.  We are discussing with DVSA why there is no extension period.


Remember we have a webinar tomorrow afternoon aimed especially at our Scottish ADIs.  If you would like to attend this webinar please email


There has been a lot of discussion about face masks, and whether or not to wear them.  Anyone with asthma or other lung conditions should take particular note of this article, with thanks to ADINJC member Karen Pryce for sending it in.  We would also suggest that everyone read it in case you should have a pupil with breathing difficulties.



Well done to Daryl Arnold for raising a Government pettition which will be of interest to all ADIs, please sign it!

The petition reads: Extend SEISS past 1/6/20 for those still barred from work eg Driving Instructors.

The Chancellor extended furlough to October for businesses that can’t go back to work yet, then self employed surely must follow suit. Around 40,000 ADIs in the UK will probably be last to work as social distance measures are impractical, screens are unsafe in an accident & we can’t sit in the back.

The government should look at us and realise, we are an essential part of the UK’s economy, teaching people to drive will help keep them off public transport and increase the pool of workers able to take on and get to the jobs that remain in the economy. As an industry we have wholeheartedly supported the government’s advice for Stay At Home etc and this has been possible due to the SEISS, once this ends most will be forced back to work and could contribute to the much feared second wave.

Click this link to sign the petition.



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