The link for today’s webinar is here.  As always, questions in advance are appreciated – by email to  This gives us the chance to consider and research answers.  If you can’t get onto Zoom it is live on our Facebook page, and there will be a link to view it afterwards.

And for Wednesday’s training webinar hereThe topic will be ‘Toolkit for returning to work’.


I heard an interview about whether or not the government should/would reduce the social distancing to 1m, and wrote to one of the interviewees.  I had a reply from Professor Calum Semple of Liverpool University, who was firstly kind enough to say that the precautions we are suggesting are good, and secondly sent me this link which you might like to have a look at.  It allows you to assess your personal risk, based on age and any health issues.  Worth a look.


Intelligent Instructor recently carried out a survey of ADIs and how they’ve been affected by Covid 19.  You can view the results here.

Are you a bike trainer?  Intelligent Instructor also have a free year’s worth of bike insurance with Motorcycle Direct. It’s completely free toenter and you can view the competition here.

And Intelligent Instructor and Smart Driving have a free prize draw, giving away £1,500 cash!  Just click this link.


Member Debbie Bishop has been busy emailing all and sundry to try and get some help, having fallen through the cracks of the SEISS scheme.  This is her latest letter to her MP:

1. The introduction of this long extension acknowledges Government recognition that it will be some months before businesses can fully open.

2. The extension provides time and opportunity for the Chancellor to re-visit gaps in the current system and include those previously excluded – namely the newly self-employed earning less than £50,000 in our first year of trading (of which I am one).

3. As an Approved Driving Instructor, my licence to teach – and therefore earn – is completely governed by DVSA regulations (and social distancing).  For me to remain excluded from the SEISS until October compounds what is already an absolutely dire financial situation!

4. I am registered within the Universal Credit system – that being the only alternative available to me.  However – whilst I’m grateful for UC support – the amount I received at the beginning of May was a little over £200, which (a) is incomparable to 80% of the monthly amount I was earning as self-employed (b) an impossible amount to survive on each month.

5. I have already submitted my first year’s Tax Return (on 23rd April, that being the extended deadline for late-submission of 2018-19 Returns).
• On 24th April HMRC issued my Self-Assessment: Tax Calculation.  They are therefore ‘aware’ of me and my earnings so there is absolutely no reason that I can’t now be included in the SEISS in the same way that 2018-19 late-submitters have been.

I plead with you to use your influence and power to put right what – as proven in Bullet 5. above – remains a totally illogical unfairness in this system.

Are you writing to your MP?  If everyone writes and they all write to the Chancellor, it all helps to make a difference.  You can get their contact details here.


If we have any members who have taken maternity leave during the last 3 years, then your SEISS grant will be vastly less than it would have been if your normal earnings were taken into account.  If this is you, then there is a campaign being undertaken by a group called Pregnant then stuffed.  They work campaigning for womens’ rights generally, but have recognised the unfairness towards women in the SEISS system.  I’d suggest you join them pronto!  They believe they have a cast iron case for sex discrimination and will be taking the government to court.



Our Scottish members can register for the next Scottish webinar on 26 June at 11am.  It would be appreciated if only people living in Scotland attend this webinar.


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Whilst our newsflashes are normally a benefit of membership of the ADINJC, during this national emergency we want to share information as widely as possible, so please feel free to pass this on.  We are stronger together.


The NJC continues to be dedicated to help you in these challenging times and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.  Please feel free to contact us for help and support.


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