Lynne was on LBC radio yesterday, you can listen here.  Thanks to Denise Cross from Gravesend for recording it, and to Chris Bensted for sorting out the technical stuff!

And Lynne was also interviewed today by Graham Hooper.  You can view that one here.

Well done to Jane Holt  for spotting the question raised in Parliament to the Transport Minister.

Many thanks to Andy Holmes for sending in the link for the BBC News reporter talking yesterday about driving lessons in England following the PM’s announcement.  As Andy says, very disappointing.  You can view the piece hereAnd a follow-up clip from today sent in by Chris Bensted,here.

Meanwhile, in Scotland hairdressers can open on 15 July, beer gardens from the 6th and the 2 metre rule stays in place for now.  And the news from Northern Ireland here.

And thanks to Kevin Dyas for sending in his response from Humberside Police –

Mr Dyas,

I am responding to your email to the Chief Constable in my capacity as the senior police officer leading our operational response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have sought legal advice in relation to the query so respond with the best advice we have available, though clearly there is no mechanism for Chief Constables to give permission under the regulations currently in force or in force in the past.

The regulations prohibit some businesses and premises from operating – but the regulations never prohibited driving instructors from operating.

Prior to 1st June, the regulations meant that no-one could leave the place where they live without a reasonable excuse.  The regulations provided a list of some reasonable excuses, which included ‘work’ (this meant that a driving instructor could – theoretically – go to work) but it is unlikely that a person going for a driving lesson would have a reasonable excuse. So, a driving instructor could go to work but their customers could not leave home to go for a lesson.

The ‘key worker’ category only ever applied in relation to attendance at school – the above would apply the same to key workers and non-key workers alike.

From the 1st June, the situation is different. People can leave home for any a reason (there is no need to have a reasonable excuse). This means that a customer could leave home to take part in a driving lesson. Again, this applies to everyone – key workers and non-key workers alike.

A driving lesson would include two people ‘gathering’. Gatherings of 2 or more people are prohibited indoors and gatherings of more than 6 people are prohibited outdoors.

Indoor / outdoor is defined in relation to ‘enclosed premises (part of the smoking ban as it applies to premises). In short, vehicles are ‘outdoor’ places and not ‘indoor places’ (I suspect the smoking ban may apply to driving instructors, but that is irrelevant for these purposes).

So, in brief – from 1st June, a driving instructor can teach members of their household or customers (provided that there are no more than 6 people in a vehicle). The instructor will still have various health and safety obligations which will need to be considered (ensuring a safe environment for customers). The ‘2m rules’ is not part of the law.

We would direct you to the only applicable regulations: Regulation 7 on outdoor gatherings –

I hope that this helps, but please let me know if I can help further,


More thanks, this time to Steve Walker for sending in details of a sanitiser spray that evaporates quickly, reducing the necessity to sit on a soggy seat!


Do remember that if your photocard licence is due to expire before 31 August then there is an automatic 7 month extension.  You can find full details here.



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