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ADIs are in the front line of a high risk industry for COVID-19 transmission.  ADINJC members are already taking precautions to ensure students a safe and healthy environment, sanitising surfaces after every lesson.

What about the air instructors and students breathe?

COVID-19 can last in the air for over three hours, tests also show that airborne transmission can be attributed to breathing, talking, coughing and sneezing when in close proximity to an infected person.

The ‘HA series’ of air purifiers are a collaboration between Scottish company Purer Clean Air and Healthy Air Technology UK researchers based at Oxford University.

The HA30 In-Vehicle air purifiers were originally created to combat air pollution in general but their capacity to capture and kill micron level particles means they can easily destroy Coronavirus and other airborne viruses. They have been evaluated and certified by Swiss-based SGS, the world-leading testing company.  Our air purifiers have a Coronavirus kill rate of 99.99%.

The HA30 is simply plugged into a standard 12V plug point found in all cars.   The unit can be attached to the back of the headrest in the front or back of the vehicle.  The HA30 can work efficiently up to 9.5m2. The HA30 projects purer clean air up to 10 times per hour to every corner of the vehicle.  A multi-colour feature light denotes the quality of air being purified at any given time. Auto mode maintains air quality so you can continue your daily activities, while your purifier automatically monitors and reacts, or can be managed manually if you want to increase the air flow capacity.  It is not always practical to perform lessons with windows down at 70mph and soon winter will be upon us.  The HA30 unit can be used with windows up, down and whilst air con units are turned on.

The medical grade patented DNO Filter technology in our HA30 purifiers capture, kill and convert pollution and particulate matter as small as 0.003 microns.  As the average COVID-19 particle is 0.12 microns, this means our filters can kill viruses up to 40 times smaller than COVID-19.

The air purifiers also remove other pollutants such as nitrogen and sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, bacteria, formaldehyde, odour from tobacco and body odour, along with some of the smallest pollutant and micron-level particles from the air.  The DNO filter lasts up to 12 months between replacement, the unit alerts you when the filter needs changed.

Dr Tiancun Xiao, Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Inorganic Chemistry Department who helped develop the science and technology around the ‘HA series’ of air purifiers, said: “Recent scientific research shows that coronavirus can remain viable in the air for over three hours and can exacerbate underlying health conditions.  Our Air Purifiers continually clean the air of viruses and bacteria that float in the air, helping to protect instructors and students. The added benefit of clean air without Sulphur and Nitrogen Dioxide, especially in town and heavy traffic, means better working conditions for all using our purification perfected DNO Technology.”

Purer Clean Air Chief Executive Raymond McGurk is clear: “What we have to stress though – and this is vital – is that while our purifiers kill airborne pollutants and coronavirus to levels of 99.99%, there is still the need to clean surfaces between lessons.”


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