Announcement from the PCS Union this evening:

DVSA strike action suspended

Following intensive talks with senior management at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency we have suspended our planned strike action which was due to take place from Thursday to Sunday (8-11 February).”

You can read the full release by clicking here

Understanding How Client Centred Learning Influences the Standards Check & Part 3

Monday 13th November 6pm-8pm

The aim of this course is to demonstrate how a client centred approach can influence your Standards Check or Part 3.

The session will include discussions, videos & demonstrations to highlight the benefits of CCL.

The course will be run by Lynne Barrie and Tom Stenson.

There are a few spaces remaining on this workshop, so to ensure that you secure you spot, please go to ADINJC Shop on the website.

£35 members, £42 Lite members



Join the three heads of ADINJC, DIA and MSA, who together also form the leadership team of the National Associations Strategic Partnership (the recognised steering group for the driver and rider training industry), for a special webinar on Thursday 16th November  – and quite literally ask us anything!

When: Thursday 16th November, 18.00HWhere: Online. Click here to sign up  After registering you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.In this session we’ll share any updates we have on how the DVSA’s efforts to deliver more driving tests is going, as well as any wider industry, road safety or motoring developments we think may be useful to driver and rider trainers to know.But more importantly, this will be a session aimed at letting our members ask us any questions about driver and rider training, testing, licensing –  or on any topic that’s relevant to the profession. Take advantage of the combined expertise, experience and insights of the NASP team, plus share your views with us and let us tap into your insights!We look forward to catching up with you all.

Scam Alert from DVLA

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is warning motorists to watch out for scam emails and tests.  Scammers impersonating the DVLA have been targeting motorists in recent weeks with attempts to gather personal and financial details from them.

Our Chair, Charles Moffat received one himself this morning.  It said -VLA.  We kindly request your cooperation in verifying your driver’s licence recrds as part of our routine check.  Complete this over at:

At first glance this may look genuine, as it has govuk in the link.  BUT the official details are GOV.UK

Please be vigilant and always check before clicking on links.

planned maintenance

Some of our online services will not be available tonight (Thursday 2 November) from 6pm to midnight.

All of our driver services systems will be unavailable to staff and customers.

Holding pages will be added to each external facing system and will explain when the systems will be available again.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note – you will still be able to book and manage theory tests.

Show 217.  Please find show 217 of Dipod.  In this show we are reflecting on the ADINJC Conference & Expo ’23 with Intelligent Instructor.  As always Peter, Elliot & Nick bring the thoughts of the day, along with interviews with DVSA, TSO, Richard, and Charles Chairman of the ADINJC.

Sit back take a listen and by all means let the three of them have your feedback.

Take care out there.

What is the T in TSO again? Lol.  listen and find out.

Dipod is sponsored by the ADINJC, so we thank them for that.  Do not forget to join a national ADI Association or a local one.

As one of the ADINCJ founders said 50 years ago “better to belong & not need it, than need it & not belong”

See you on the roundabout.

There will be a members’ meeting on Saturday 2 December at the Holiday Inn Coventry CV2 2HP.

We have some great guests that we are very happy to welcome – firstly James Gibson, Executive Director Road Safety GB will talk about the Road Safety GB Ageing Driver CPD course – there are some fully funded free places!

Then the popular Kev and Tracey Field will help us to understand why it’s important that ADIs take an interest in neurodiversity and its links to anxiety.

This promises to be an excellent meeting, please find the Agenda here.

You are welcome to attend but must register your interest by email to as numbers will be limited.

From today (25 January) driving examiners will begin to wear body worn cameras to help tackle an increase in abuse.

We’ve taken this decision due to an increase in unacceptable violent and abusive incidents against driving examiners since testing restarted after the pandemic restrictions.

Although the most recent figures show incidents of abuse have dropped since, they still remain on course to be higher than before the pandemic.

When the cameras will be used

The cameras will be an essential part of uniform, for examiners’ safety.

They will only be switched on if the examiner feels threatened or to capture inappropriate behaviour. The footage, where appropriate, will be used to prosecute offenders if abuse occurs.

The cameras cannot be used to dispute a candidate’s test result.

Letting your pupils know

Please inform your pupils and candidates that they will start to see examiners wearing body cameras.

Please remind them of the serious consequences of abusing an examiner, which might include cancelled tests or even prosecution.

Body worn cameras are not new to DVSA, our enforcement examiners tackling road-side issues have worn them for several years.

There is no doubt that the cost-of-living crisis has worsened people’s experience of anxiety, and even triggered anxiety in people who are usually calm and collected. With no clear end in sight, people across the country are panicking about their finances.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to turn to healthy coping mechanisms in these times, and therefore many people have found themselves withdrawing from their loved ones, not sleeping, and using substances as a way to escape the current situation.

61% of people who are drinking more alcohol this year have admitted that the cost-of-living crisis was the main trigger for them (1). They are relying on the temporary high they get from alcohol to carry them through this challenging time, and this often results in addiction.

Very few Brits are immune to the stress caused by the cost-of-living crisis, given that it is affecting so many areas of our lives, i.e., household bills, transport, and food prices (2). Even if you try to keep your spending low, you are inevitably going to take a hit from the rising costs in the UK (3).

However, our infographic looks at who is the most concerned about this crisis. As you will see, the most vulnerable to anxiety are people on a low income, people aged between 30-69, disabled people, people with a dependent child, unemployed people, and people who are divorced or separated, and women (4).







[1] Warning of ‘human catastrophe’ as more turn to drink and drugs to ‘numb stress’ of cost of living[2] Cost of living: How do food prices in your shopping basket compare to last year as inflation bites?[3]  Read more at alcohol rehab page.[3] Women more vulnerable to cost-of-living crisis, according to new report


Changes to the terms and conditions for using our Online Business Service (OBS) are now live. This means that the next time you sign in to OBS, you’ll be required to agree to the terms and conditions before using the service.

To give you more insight into the updates, Lianne Parkinson, Head of Driver Policy tells you more about:

• the new terms and conditions for OBS  • our review of the test booking system • the results of the survey we ran for businesses.

Read the full blog post on Despatch.