Well.  We do know how hard it is getting for you to continue being patient.  We are hearing about problems with the booking system hourly and are trying to help but it is impossible for NJC to answer many of the queries coming in.  Therefore we are asking DVSA to keep us all more informed as to what stage the booking system is at currently.  Here are some of the problems we’ve heard about –

  • some test centres with apparently no availability until January.  If this is the case then even more theory test certificates are going to be out of date.
  • Bookings originally made by trainers who are getting emails inviting them to re-book that are just addressed ‘Dear candidate’, so they don’t know which pupil it’s for.
  • trainers with limited allocation for vocational tests.
  • pupils not receiving their invitation to book while others with later original dates have.
  • ADIs kept on hold for 2-3 hours.  Our advice would be to email rather than call.
  • test date booked turns out to be a Sunday.  They don’t know if this is an error, and we don’t either!  We hadn’t heard of Sunday tests.


We appreciate that DVSA have a huge task to do, and this is going to take time, and we must all be patient.


Good news for our Scottish members.  I’m sure you all know that the First Minister has just moved the end of phase three forward and it will now continue, the projected date for driving lessons to restart is now 24 August unless anything happens to change that, she will confirm on 20 August.  Stewart Lochrie, our man in Scotland, was on Radio Scotland today,here is the link to listen to it.


A Northampton member let us know of a problem at that test centre.  Their student had booked a test with face covering exemption, but was rung the day before to say that there was no examiner prepared to take the test.  The choice was either to go to Kettering or wear a face covering.  Members need to be aware that not all examiners are prepared to take tests where candidates are not wearing face coverings, so tests may not happen at your test centre without face coverings.


A few more answers to your questions –

Have we any more updated advice on using air con at this time?  No more than what we have been saying – only use if really necessary and have it on to recirculate the air.

Do others find wearing a mask makes them sleepy?  Yes we have had reports of this and also heard from nurses that after 2 hours they have to take breaks due to this.  If you find wearing a mask troublesome, know you’re not alone.  As Dr. Hideki Taniguchi, a dehydration specialist, told the Financial Times: “[Wearing a mask] stops cool air coming in, which raises the temperature especially above the neck; it retains humidity, so the throat becomes dry and people forget to drink.”  Try to limit the time you wear one and take breaks and drink plenty of water.

If a key worker fails can they book through the key worker route again?  Yes they can rebook through the same route again.

Can we have the PADI contact details please.  You should email the Registrar’s team about ADI and PDI licences and tests – padi@dvsa.gov.uk.  Anything to do with L tests should go to customerservices@dvsa.gov.uk.

With deaf candidates a double slot is booked and its booked for the special needs of a deaf candidate but no acknowledgment comes back that it has been booked that way so we are never sure. It needs an acknowledgement please. We will feed this back to the DVSA.  However, all slots now offer increased time, and are consider extended slots.

Is there something new happening with Part 3 and Standards Checks can we have information please?  Yes we have sent out the latest SOPs for these during coronavirus, they are here for you to see again – ADI SC & Part 3ADI Part 2. NASP also made a statement outlining the details which is linked here.







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Whilst our newsflashes are normally a benefit of membership of the ADINJC, during this national emergency we want to share information as widely as possible, so please feel free to pass this on.  We are stronger together.


The NJC continues to be dedicated to help you in these challenging times and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.  Please feel free to contact us for help and support.


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