Hope you are all staying safe.  No further news on tests from DVSA today.  However, Northern Ireland have announced that there will be no tests until 22 June.

It would seem that all the major supermarkets are taking on delivery drivers, so this may be a possible avenue for ADIs to earn some money if they have concerns about income while students cancel lessons.  And of course delivery drivers are considered to be key workers, which means their children can still go to school.  Definitely worth considering.

You will have heard that you can apply for a 3 month mortgage holiday, and it’s also possible that your car finance company may do the same.  We would urge you to contact them as soon as possible to have discussions on whether they will allow you to suspend payments for 3 months without harming your credit rating.  We’ve certainly heard of one company that is taking a flexible view.

We’ve checked with the Registrar’s office today with regard to the situation for trainee licences.  Obviously, there may well need to be a break in training because the trainer, trainee or learners are unavailable because they are self-isolating or have contracted the virus.  The Registrar tells us that anyone affected will be able to apply for a further licence and their circumstances will be taken into account.  The Registrar’s team are currently contacting those with an outstanding application to discuss their options.  If you are in this situation you can contact the team by to PADI@dvsa.gov.uk for advice.  The Axis Building in Nottingham will be closed from tomorrow and the team will be working from home.

Following yesterday’s notification from DVSA about the cancellation of tests for today and tomorrow, we received a few enquiries about the form for ADIs to claim out of pocket expenses for short notice cancelled tests.  Members were confused that the form looks as if it is only for candidates to make a claim.  We clarified this and can confirm that if you wish to claim expenses you need to use the same form that candidates do.  The link for information on what you can claim for, and the form is here.

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