He made it to Number 1 – bless him!  Let’s hope he gets some official recognition for all he’s done for the nation, as well as for the NHS.


Our 6th webinar will take place on Monday 27 April at 7.30pm.  This is our weekly session to deal with any queries you have about DVSA items, or financial queries – or anything else you want to ask about!  Please register for the webinar here.


There’s been an update to the Standard Operating Procedures for conducting tests for critical workers.  You can view it here.


How are you getting on with your exercises?  Will you be fitter or fatter at the end of all this?  To help you, here’s another Pit Stop contribution from Annabel –

Pit Stop 6 – Cooling Down

Cooling down after exercise is important to help muscles recover, cool body temperature and avoid injury. Other aims include removing waste products e.g., lactic acid, slowly lowering the heart rate and reducing the risk of sore muscles.  Cool downs can last from 3 – 10 mins.

The heart rate needs to return to normal slowly, to avoid feeling faint or lightheaded. During a cool down, relaxation and improved confidence should be evident and a cool down is an opportunity to reflect on what exercise you accomplished and give yourself credit for what was achieved, promoting a sense of health and well-being.

The warming up stretching exercises in an earlier Pit Stop could be used for cooling down, but I’ve added some variations here as well.

Cool Down Exercises (Hold for 20 – 30 secs)

Lying on your right side, pull the left heel into the left glutes, feeling the stretch in the quads.  Repeat with the right leg.

Lying on your back, lift and straighten one leg directly above the hips. Holding the calf or thigh, press the heel towards the ceiling as you pull the leg back towards the chest. Change legs.

Lying on your back, cross the right leg over the bent left knee.  Bring the left knee to chest, holding onto the back of your thigh, gently pressing the right knee wide. Change legs.

Standing straight, interlock your fingers behind your back as you straighten out your arms and lift your chin to the ceiling.

Triceps and shoulders
Take one arm overhead, bend at the elbow joint, and extend the palm down to the centre of your back, gently pulling the elbow with the opposite hand. Take the same arm across the chest, gently pulling at the elbow joint to extend through to the shoulder. Change arms.

Core and back

On all fours, round out your back (like an angry cat), and then invert it, making a C-shape with your spine. Repeat three times. Then sit back between your heels, with your forehead on the mat and arms extended in front of you, as you lengthen your back.

Cooling down is extremely important to cool the body temperature and prevent injury.  Stretching helps to remove waste products and to lengthen and straighten your muscles in preparation for the next session.

Look forward to the next Pit Stop – dehydration.


As well as doing Annabel’s exercises, Lynne and I have discovered Tamsin, We Love to Dance on YouTube so are now starting our day with a boogie!

Enjoy your weekend folks.



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