Mastermind Series- “Three Key Training Skills for Motivation and Success” with John Farlam – 8th April AM

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ADINJC Mastermind Series – Three Key Training Skills for Motivation and Success” with John Farlam

Friday 8th April 2021

Venue: Zoom Webinar

What it includes:

“Three Key Training Skills for Motivation and Success” with John Farlam

How well motivated are your learners, for example, how often do they ask, half way through a lesson, if you can fit in an extra lesson that week?

Even successful instructors sometimes unwittingly shoot themselves in the foot when  it comes to motivating their learners partly because some skills were never taught in their initial training and other skills perhaps not taught as well as they might have been.

In this session John will consider three key training tools that can help or hinder your customer’s motivation and offer you some ‘new’ training ideas.

  1. Positive language – exploring the language of success
  2. Feedback – helping or hindering?
  3. Demonstration – 10 underused skills to help understanding

You know when you are delivering a great lesson because about two thirds of the way through the learner will say something like “Can you fit an extra lesson in for me this week?” The ideas in this Master-Mind Class will help you to turn good lessons into great lessons!

For those who don’t know John he has been in the industry for over 40 years and has achieved many ‘firsts’. Some might have seen John delivering presentations at National Conferences. His CV includes being Training Director at LDC (1989-95), Founder of SmartDriving and ADI MasterClass and co-founder of Tri-Coaching. John has written articles for industry magazines since 1990 and has extensive experience in. and designed programmes for, all aspects of car driver training including fleet, learners, security, and much more besides.  His qualifications are wide ranging both in and outside the industry.

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  • The course will run from 10:00 – 1200

  • Numbers are strictly limited to 35 per session

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