Coaching the Next Level – 21/10/2019

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21st October 2019

Venue TBC

What it includes:

  • Understand Client Centred Learning

  • Understand Coaching

  • Understand how people learn

  • Learn how to use Coaching Techniques

  • Develop their skill as a Coach
  • Understand how to deliver Client Centred Lessons

Ticket Prices

£99 ADINJC members

£119 non-ADINJC members

The workshop is open to all levels ranging from newly qualified or experienced ADIs, the wider the experience within the group the better.

The workshop is designed so that everyone should get something out of it, whether you are new to the ideas of coaching, or whether you have attended previous coaching courses.

Using a range of methods throughout the day we aim to provide a good understanding of the principles of coaching, and how to apply them in practice, creating a firm foundation for you to develop your skills as a coach, and identify your future personal development goals.

The facilitators for the day include Lynne Barrie, Nick Ibbot, Ed Marshall and our head of training James Quinn, all of whom have vast experience in driver training, coaching and the training and retraining of driving instructors.

Topics covered on the day include:

  • Communication

  • Goal Setting

  • Learn How to Learn – The Reflective Cycle

  • Explanation Demonstration Practice – is it the only way?

  • Dispelling Fears about Coaching

  • Qualities of a Coach

  • Method of Coaching

  • Coaching Skills and Techniques

  • Developing Questioning Skills

  • Developing Listening Skills

  • Practical Examples of how to use Coaching Techniques

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Sue Duncan
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