We are in unprecedented times and there continues to be exceptionally high demand for driving tests as a result of COVID.

To help reduce waiting times and increase the amount of tests, all available staff who are qualified to carry out car driving tests will spend 50% of their time carrying out practical tests.

This means that our ADI examiners will spend 50% of their time carrying out driving tests until waiting times have reduced.

ADI qualification tests and standards checks in England

ADI Part 1 tests

ADI part 1 tests will continue as usual in all tiers.

Areas in tier 1 and 2

We will continue to provide part 2 and 3 tests whilst supporting the agency with reducing driving test waiting times

ADI Part 2 and 3 tests and standards checks within tiers 1 and 2, will restart on 2 December.

We will be contacting anyone whose part 2 or 3 test was cancelled as a result of the pandemic to rearrange it in tier 1 and 2 areas.

We will endeavour to carry out all the part 2 and 3 tests booked in December in tier 1 and 2 areas.

Areas in tier 3

Our top priority is to keep you, your pupils and our staff safe.

To allow us to continue practical testing in tier 3 areas from 3 December anyone who has a ADI part 2, part 3 or standards check booked in a tier 3 area who is exempt from wearing a face covering may have to delay their test or check until the area moves out of tier 3.

We will reschedule tests and checks if we cannot find a volunteer driving examiner to conduct the test without the candidate wearing a face covering.
Part 1 pass

You do not need to worry if your part 1 pass has expired or is due to expire as long as you already had a part 3 test booked.

We will still carry out your test.

If you fail your test and your Part 1 pass has expired, you will need to apply to restart the qualification process.

Before you do you will need to obtain an up-to-date Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check which is no older than 6 months.

For more information visit GOV.UK.

Standard checks

We will continue to risk assess and prioritise standards checks for ADIs who are not meeting the standard in England, Wales and Scotland.

To enable our ADI examiners to spend 50% of their time carrying out driving tests we will be cancelling all routine standards checks.

If you have booked a routine standards check we will email you to confirm that your standards check has been cancelled.
Sharing our updated test guidance

We have made updates to our procedure for carrying out ADI qualifications tests and standards checks.

As with previous guidance, we have shared the updated procedures with the training industry.

NASP has published our updated guidance on their website where it is available for you to view.




Now available:

Standard Operating Procedures for Conducting Driving tests

ADI Part 2 Standard Operating Procedures

ADI Part 3 Standard Operating Procedures

Motorcycle test Standard Operating Procedures

Vocational test Standard Operating Procedures





More information

Check GOV.UK for the latest about:
theory tests
driving tests
instructor guidance



The NJC continues to be dedicated to help you in these challenging times and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.
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