We’ve reopened most of our theory test centres in England and Scotland.
We will reopen centres in Wales for the general public on 3 August 2020.

Due to social distancing measures, test centres are offering fewer tests than normal.

We’re working with Pearson VUE to open as many of the remaining theory test centres as possible to increase the number of available appointments, and to reduce waiting times for your pupils. In some cases, the centres are shared buildings, and we’re waiting for the main occupant to reopen them.
Driving test availability

We have opened 274 out of 307 driving centres in England.
31 out of 35 test centres in Wales are due to open on 17 August.
Test centres in Scotland remain closed, except to critical workers. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 advice from the Scottish Government.

Reopening the remaining test centres

We’re working hard to reopen the remaining driving test centres. We need to finish carrying out:
• health and safety checks
• water checks
• PPE distribution checks

At some test centres, we still need the landlord to carry out some checks before we can reopen.

Emailing candidates to arrange their test

Over 210,000 driving tests were put on hold due to coronavirus. So far, we’ve invited over 47,000 people to choose a new appointment.

It might take several weeks for your pupil to get their email, depending on when their test was originally scheduled.

Unfortunately, some candidates whose tests were on 19 and 20 March did not get an email last week. We’ll invite them to choose a new test time and date on Friday 24 July.

We’ve published information about what we’ll do if the email address your pupil gave us does not work.

Our customer service centre cannot tell your pupils when they’ll get their email, so please encourage them not to call us as it will delay critical workers getting through.

Continuing to support critical workers

Lots of critical workers applied for an emergency driving test. Some had tests booked before lockdown, while others were requests for new bookings.

If they had a test booked before lockdown, we’ve emailed them to choose a new test appointment.

If it was a new booking, we need them to pay for the test. We’re inviting these people (in batches) to call us so they can pay and we can book their test.

Change a driving test after it’s been arranged

Your pupils will need to rearrange their test if:
• they or someone they live with has coronavirus symptoms
• they’ve been told by the NHS Test and Trace service that they’ve been in contact with a person who has coronavirus
• they entered the UK in the last 14 days (unless they arrived from a country on the ‘travel corridor’ list)
They can now rearrange their test in these situations online at www.gov.uk/change-driving-test. Only people who we’ve emailed to arrange their test can use this service for now.



More information
Check GOV.UK for more information about:
theory tests
driving tests
guidance for instructors on the restart of training and testing











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