Thanks to member Wyn Owen for sending in the following link to a question asked about re-starting driving lessons in the Welsh Assembly Press Conference.  Click here to view.


Additional Restrictions Grant

Thanks to Graham McLoughlin for sending in this document on Government advice to councils on processing grant applications.  You may find some useful information in there.

And our colleagues over on the ARG support for driving instructors Facebook group have been burning the midnight oil to produce this spreadsheet.  It shows all English local authorities (apologies to Wales and Scotland), has links to application forms, and information on whether ADIs and PDIs are getting accepted, as well as whether applications are currently open or not and grant awards where known.  They’ve compiled this from information supplied by ADIs all over the country, and its very comprehensive – congratulations to all involved!

Kev tells me the ‘popular’ reasons for rejection seem to be –

  • not paying business rates
  • received/eligible for SEISS
  • no fixed property costs
  • not in retail/hospitalityleisure or supply chain

The spreadsheet will continue to be updated as more people send in information.  If you haven’t joined the group already, please do so.


Member group Young Driver are looking for ADIs and PDIs for their weekend under 17 driving school.  Cars are supplied.  They are particularly looking for people to join their teams in Leeds, Manchester and Norwich.

If you’re interested give Lisa a call on 07827 870026, or email her


If you’re interested in statistics, these are the latest from GOV.UK on driving instructors.

Get in early – book your place for the Conference & Expo ’21 here.


Our Business Support Line is open to anyone who feels they need help, ADIs, PDIs, franchisees and independent instructors.

Matt Stone – 07900225502
Stewart Lochrie – 07791559318