An Introduction to Coaching

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An Introduction to Coaching

What is this workshop about?

Our industry has now moved towards a client centred approach for learning. Pupils enjoy and appreciate client centred learning: They go away from your lessons with awareness and a real sense of achievement. If you ever leave lessons feeling that your pupil could have learnt more or maybe feeling that sense of frustration that the pupil just isn’t improving, then this workshop can help you. A bonus is that having really good coaching skills can leave you feeling less stressed, enjoying your lessons more, and feeling that the pupils are becoming more confident and able to reflect on their own performance. These are skills that all ADIs need in our industry.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • All ADIs who want to learn about client centred and coaching skills and how to improve existing ones
  • ADIs who want to update their teaching and advance their current skills
  • ADIs preparing for a standards check
  • PDIs who are preparing to take a Part 3 and newly qualified ADIs wanting to enhance their skills

This workshop is an opportunity to meet fellow ADIs and take time to yourself to consider and improve your coaching and client centred skills. It includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day, free parking, a resources pack and CPD certificate and is held in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our expert trainers are also experienced working ADIs who are there throughout the day to help and support you.

Timings: 9.30am Coffe and registration, 10.00am start and 4.30pm finish



The agenda:

  • Discover what being a good coach involves
  • Learn about the many benefits of coaching
  • Understand how to develop the skills needed to make a great coach
  • The GROW model and TGROW: What are they really all about?
  • Improve your coaching questions and listening skills
  • Finding strategies to help your clients
  • Discover a tool box of useful coaching techniques
  • Practice coaching conversation

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Come and join us and make a difference in helping your clients learn and have a real impact on them.

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