In the light of the most recent regional lockdowns, and sadly mindful of the fact that we will possibly be facing more in the future, NASP has contacted DVSA for advice on how these will impact their services, as well as producing some guidance for trainers of our own.

The response from DVSA on the latest lockdowns in the North of England:

“At this stage, we know no more than what has been in the media so are in the process of better understanding the position ourselves.

As indicated above, we don’t get advance notice of this type of decision.  It’s also difficult to adopt a blanket or one size fits all policy/approach as the local/regional restrictions may well differ each time. We will update NASP as soon as we have further information.”

NASP will continue to follow up with DVSA for the latest updates.

NASP Guidance

• Detail is still emerging from central government on guidance for the areas impacted by these latest regional lockdowns. NASP advises all trainers to check guidance for their local area.
• Guidance for those living in Leicester in terms of interacting with people outside of their own household can be found here:
• Guidance for other areas can be found here:
• Check local council and regional authority websites for more detailed guidance in lockdowns in your area as local and regional authorities may have different advice and approaches for their area
• There has been no guidance to date that driver and rider training has been suspended in locked down areas, therefore it is at the discretion and risk of individual trainers as to whether or not to continue training in the areas impacted


• Trainers should continue to take every measure to mitigate the risk of exposure and infection as advised in the NASP Guidelines – available here.
• At all times consider the risks of continuing to train, and take a risk management based approach to training, considering both regional and central government advice
• If you live outside of area which have been locked down, consider whether you should be mitigating the risks of working in areas impacted at this time as you could expose yourself to infection, or risk encouraging the spread of infection – this could mean not taking out pupils from within locked down areas, or not using routes within these areas
• If you live and work within a locked down area consider whether you should be travelling to other areas outside of the locked down zone to teach, or teaching at all at this time within a locked down area.
• We will advise you via NASP statements if DVSA confirm any test centre closures in effected areas.



Please keep checking the NASP website , individual NASP member association websites, member emails and social media for updated information. This advice is for everyone when your government say it’s safe to work.

Please remember that ADINJC, DIA and MSA are the only Tier 1 consultative stakeholder of DVSA within the ADI industry and as such receive information and communications direct from the regulator to disseminate to members. It is wise to check the source and validity of any other information you see, particularly on social media, if it does not come from a professional body within the sector.