Last night (10.5.2020) the Prime Minister briefed us as a nation regarding the next steps in the fight against coronavirus. We realise as NASP that today many of you are still confused as to how this impacts you professionally. Statements read out such as ‘those people who cannot work from home should go to work’ coupled with messages about continuing to follow social distancing measures which are impossible for ADIs to follow have caused confusion today as to the way forward.

Some ADIs believe this is the green light to resume on-road training just as others are clear that they will not be returning immediately. We believe that the messages yesterday around returning to work are more focused on industries such as construction and manufacturing, where social distancing may be more easily achieved than others, and it is now confirmed also in:

• supermarkets
• those working in labs and research facilities
• those administering takeaways and deliveries at restaurants and cafés
• tradesmen, cleaners and others who work in people’s homes
• those who are facilitating trade or transport goods.

But without the specific detail of which professions and sectors and when, we cannot currently state exactly how this relates to our sector. However, to reiterate the Government’s statements:

• We are still in a state of lockdown
• Social distancing guidelines are still in place
• Returning to work is primarily only an option for those who can do so safely

DVSA, as did many other government agencies, met last night to discuss their response to the Government’s plan to move to the next phase of their roadmap. As soon as we are briefed as to their plans, and whatever guidance they plan to give to trainers, we will of course update you.

However please note that any formal communication may take a few days to be agreed and released as the Government’s overall plans have first to be debated in Parliament, and any further developments then considered by each area of Government. As Tier One consultative stakeholders we will of course be the first in the industry to be informed by DVSA.

Any decision to return to on-road training needs to be carefully evaluated by each individual trainer (and training school) and all the risks considered and weighted accordingly. So far we have urged caution on this issue and recommended that training should be restricted to that of key workers with an essential need to acquire a new licence or develop their driving for the purposes of driving for work or for essential journeys to work locations.  However, any decision you make is at your own discretion and risk, NASP cannot make that decision for you.

What we can do however is offer advice and guidance on the risks associated with delivering training at this time, how to evaluate them and how to manage them. NASP will send out our updated guidelines in a few days. NASP will be working together to deliver wider guidance for the industry at large. However at this time no one should feel coerced into returning to training.

The 3 associations within NASP are there for you to ask for advice and guidance at this time. What is paramount is safe decision making at this time. We will send further updates as soon as it is possible to.





The ADINJC is a national association run by ADIs on a not-for-profit basis.  We work tirelessly to inform, represent and support our members, and to promote the interests of our profession.