Theory Certificate update

We thought we would update you with our progress so far, firstly thank you to everyone who has either written to their MP or encouraged their pupils to do so. We have now received a reply from Baroness Vere, and it can be viewed here:

As you will see, it’s not a positive reply and a little condescending. We decided, we should point out some issues we felt were not properly addressed, you can view that here.

We received the Baroness’s final reply today, which does not really help our cause, you can read that here.

We have had no reply from the Minister or the CEO of the DVSA yet, we will keep you informed as that progresses, however we have had some really positive responses from MPs around the country, stating that they intend to raise with the transport Minister, we have also had a few from MPs just really agreeing with what is posted on

It is our intention to carry on this campaign, however once again we need to enlist your help, if you have not already signed this existing petition: please consider doing it now, it is already almost half way to the required 100,000 names to force this to be raised in the house, with some help from you, your pupils, their parents and friends, we could still have a chance to have this debated properly and get the result our learners deserve. We would also advise if your MP replied to your first letter, you advise them you have now signed this petition and would look for their support when it gets to the house.

Hope you can help, together we can make a difference.
Stay safe.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider writing to your MP.  You can find a template here.  Please also encourage your students and their parents to write and of course to sign the petition.