Special offer 20% discount for ADIs

We have been approached by PGP Products who are offering a 20% discount on their cleaning and hygiene goods to help you get back to work safely.  Have a look at their products below –


Our sanitiser kills 99.5% of bacteria, it’s non-toxic, contains no alcohol, it is safe on the skin and most surfaces and dries in one minute. Using our sprayer, you can ‘fog’ the inside of your car in a few seconds, it lasts for 4/ 5 hours so apply before you start your day.  Price £43.75 / 5ltr

When you greet your client, you could ask to spray their hands and feet before they enter the car, It’s the most likely place to carry disease. And request they wear a mask. Our mask is most suitable for you as its unique graphene coating gives extra antibacterial protection. While standard disposable masks protect others from you, our Super-G 3ply 100% cotton lined mask gives you added protection. It’s also washable up to 10 times without losing the antibacterial effect. Our packet of 3 means with daily use you have one month’s supply.  Price £19.50 / Pack of 3


Once your lesson is over, a quick ‘fogging’ of the cab area where your client has touched. i.e. steering wheel, gear stick, mirror, door handle etc. and a minute later your vehicle is ready for your next client.

Use our Super-G fogging machine, this One 1ltr capacity foggier is ideal for spraying the inside of your vehicle. Rechargeable battery operated with USB charge connector.  Price £ 29.50 each

Sprayer Operation

Factsheet on HOCL

Buy on-line NOW at   www.pgp-products.co.uk/products
For bank payments email your requirements to sales@pgp-products.co.uk


Special Offer -20% discount
Use Discount code 
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