Practical Coaching Workshops

Practical Coaching Workshop

How can this coaching workshop help me?

Do you ever leave your lessons feeling that your pupil could have learnt more? Or maybe feeling that sense of frustration that the pupil just isn’t improving as you would want them to? Who does all the work in the lesson: you or the pupil? These are just a few questions for you to consider.

Can you also think of a favourite teacher that you had at school that made learning fun and easy? How did they take away the fears you had? What made that teacher different from the others? Why did they stay in your mind? Could you emulate those qualities and be more successful at work? Success with pupils will bring more pupils and a full diary.

Good coaching skills can leave you feeling less stressed, enjoying your lessons more and feeling that the pupils are becoming more confident and able to reflect on their own performance.

Coaching is about using skills and techniques; it’s also about you as a person. If you would like to improve your performance as an ADI and learn at a workshop with like-minded people then this training day is for you! Join our team of trainers in a friendly, relaxed and professional setting. Your day generally consists of a cabaret style classroom, free parking at the hotel venue, a pack of handouts full of useful information and refreshments throughout the day, as well as a hot lunch usually served in the hotel restaurant. The team are available all day to help with any questions you have, giving you the support you need.

What does the day cover?

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Improve your pupils learning skills
  • Understand the true value of self-reflection
  • Realise why setting good goals is so vital
  • Develop your own communication skills
  • Practice coaching conversations

Julie came on a workshop in September 2016 and sent this a few weeks after she had taken her Standards Check.

“I came to this ADINJC Practical Coaching Workshop with Ed Marshall. I found it extremely helpful and got myself and A Grade on my Standards Check. I would recommend doing this course it is well worth it. Thank you for your help that day Ed.”

Standards Check Training


19th November 2018



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