If we are to wear face coverings will we be allowed to wear face visors to work? Would a candidate be allowed to wear one for a driving test and would an examiner wear one?

Are DVSA using/allowing visors on test?

As independent businesses ADIs must create their own health & safety procedures.

Face visors are not supported for DVSA staff as we have concerns about how they would react in a collision or airbag incident.  If a candidate arrives wearing one they will be advised of the risks, offered a face covering.  If the candidate insists on wearing a face visor, they will not be stopped, the test will go ahead.

It is compulsory for everyone in the vehicle on test to wear a face covering (subject to exceptions), so they would be required to wear a face covering in addition to the visor.

What will practical tests looks like? How should ADIs and pupils prepare?

The rigorous standards of the CatB test have not changed.  Prepare your candidate as you normally would, but draw attention to the additional measures outlined CLICK HERE .

How do ADIs manage the risk of examiners getting into the car? Will they have their temperature taken daily?

Neither ADIs or DEs will have their temperature taken daily.  Our SOPs have been reviewed by Public Health England to reduce the risk of contamination as far as possible through face coverings, social distancing and regular hand washing.  Our HR information has been clear that DEs must self-isolate if displaying symptoms.  DVSA has updated its Privacy Notices to enable us to share candidate and ADI information with the NHS Test & Trace service if a DE tests positive for Covid19.  The NHS will use this information, if necessary, to tell you and your candidate that they must self-isolate at home to help stop the spread of the virus.

What will be the coverage of tests across the country – should we advise members they may have to travel for tests?

On 6th July all DVSA Driving Examiners that are able will return to their normal place of work*, operating a reduced programme of tests.  We have a very small number unable to work due to health or caring responsibilities, but these are evenly spread across the country.

*We will be unable to reopen all test centres. This will vary on a site by site basis. We’ll share a list of all the affected test centres separately.

Are we to assume there will be no accompanied tests at all for foreseeable future?

We acknowledge that accompanying a candidate on test is important for the candidate’s instruction and the ADI continuous professional development.  Unfortunately, this is not possible at present, but we will keep this under constant review.

Answered & DfT Cleared NASP MARK WINN extended tests still go ahead due to the extra time involved?

Yes.  All slots now offer increased time, and are consider extended slots.

Do we have to have our ADI certificate in the car for tests?
Whilst not mandatory, this is more important than ever.  If we have your number, we can pass your details to NHS Test & Trace in the event that one of our DEs tests positive.  NHS Test & Trace is a key part of the Government response.  Including your ADI Certificate in the car should be an important part of your own health & safety policy.

Will examiners still do Show Me Questions at beginning of the test and if so, would it help if the instructor opened and closed the bonnet to avoid double hand cleaning?

The show me / tell me questions will be asked in the normal way. There is no requirement for the ADI to open the bonnet for the tell me question as the question being asked will be determined on a test by test basis and may not require the bonnet to be opened. To ensure social distancing the ADI should not come to the vehicle at the start of the test.

What’s DVSA’s advice with regards to seat covers (both disposable and beaded)?

As you will see from our SOP, advice for DVSA staff is that these are discretionary for car tests “Before entering the car, you may choose to fit a disposable seat cover to your seat.”.  However, due to the risk of slips, trips and falls from the elevated cab this is NOT permitted for LGV tests Examiners must not fit seat covers when conducting LGV (C1, C, CE) tests. If the instructor has a seat cover fitted this should be acceptable, any concerns should be able  be resolved through discussion with the examiner

It is for individual businesses to conduct their own risk assessments.

Under the current situation should a test candidate be told that their driving test may be cancelled at noticeably short notice due to non-availability of examiner (COVID 19 symptoms) and another test rebooked. Under such circumstances will the DVSA continue to pay the candidate out of pocket expenses?

Given the extreme circumstances. DVSA are not paying out of pocket expenses in relation to coronavirus.

What is the provision for key worker tests moving forward?

Critical workers can continue to apply for an emergency driving test through the emergency online test booking service https://www.gov.uk/apply-emergency-driving-test

Will the new (if any) procedures be added to the email confirming tests date for the candidate?

Yes.  A dedicated gov.uk page has been set up CLICK HERE, which will be promoted in the candidate email.

Will waiting room facilities be available to candidates/instructors, including toilets and hand washing facilities?

As outlined in the Stakeholder Briefing Pack, due to social distancing measures we will be unable to open our test centre waiting rooms and toilets. Toilet facilities will only be available in exceptional circumstances for those with a disability, medical condition or pregnancy.

Will outstations be included in normal testing as before lockdown? Will they be serviced as test centres? 

Yes, however we will be unable to reopen all test centres. This will vary on a site by site basis. We want to make sure each location is safe having been closed for a significant time. We’ll share a list of all the affected test centres separately.

Can you explain what the cancellation process will be for tests if a candidate has late COVID-19 symptoms?

You must not come for your driving test if:

• you or someone you live with has coronavirus symptoms
• you’ve been told by the NHS Test and Trace service that you’ve been in contact with a person who has coronavirus
• you have entered or returned to the UK in the last 14 days, except in very limited situations
You have to stay at home (self-isolate).
Change your driving test appointment if you need to self-isolate on the day of your driving test.
You can do this free of charge if you’re self-isolating, including if you do it at short notice (within 3 clear working days of the test).

When will pupils who haven’t booked tests be able to access the test booking system taking into account those who are already in the system having priority?

On Hold candidates will have priority to book their test slots before we open up the booking service to the general public. We will be contacting them in batches to rebook their tests to avoid strain on the system.  We do not currently have an estimated date for re-opening the public booking system.

Do we have a date for when the batches of emails will go out to candidates so they can rebook?

Week commencing 13th July, with first bookable slots available 22nd July.

Will examiners still do 7 tests a day where possible on Cat B tests?

No.  To help us to apply social distance measures we have had to change our examiners’ programmes.  They will also have different staggered working patterns delivering 5 tests per day with extended time to allow for fitting of PPE, hygiene.

What is the situation with the PCS union, will examiners be going back to work on July 22nd?

We have actively collaborated and consulted the Trade Unions throughout the crisis to ensure we provide a safe working environment.  ALL Driving Examiners that are able (subject to health and care considerations) will return to work on the 6th July.

Have DVSA worked out a safe system for examiners to return to work?

Our Standard Operating Procedures for all categories of tests have been reviewed by Public Health England.

What is the news on theory test certificates? Is there any extension to be given for them?

The two-year validity period of the theory test certificate is set in legislation. This is so the candidate’s theoretical knowledge remains current. To extend the validity period would require legislative change.

Will they be tranched like practical tests?

No, the booking system is open for anyone to book a test from 4th July onwards.

When can they be booked from and when will the first theory tests be?

Theory test centres in England will resume service on 4th July, alongside ADI Part 1 and Enhanced Rider Scheme Trainer tests.  There may be a small number of appointments which will need to be rescheduled to accommodate social distancing.

Mike What are the arrangements for theory tests – what can pupils and trainers expect?

Please see the stakeholder briefing pack.

A dedicated gov.uk page has been set up CLICK HERE

Because practical tests have been cancelled and are on hold my candidates theory has run out, what will happen?

We have no further news on an extension to the theory test at this stage.

The pupil is entitled to a refund on their practical test booking.  Alternatively, they may ask DVSA to keep their booking on hold for a period of time whilst they repass the theory test.  As you appreciate, we could not reschedule the practical test until the theory had been passed.

Where do PDIs who are not on a trainee licence stand?  They are giving lessons for free to people not in their household.  Gov.uk suggests private practice can only be done with members of their household or those in their ‘bubble’.  Does this mean that PDIs will have to use the trainee licence route in order not to go against this rule?  The way we’re reading it makes it seem as if taking Part 3 without a trainee licence wouldn’t be possible.

Enforcement of restrictions remains a matter for police. Those not using the trainee licence scheme cannot legally charge money or monies worth for tuition. That includes covering the cost of insurance, wear and tear on the car or fuel.  It seems unlikely that anyone outside the scheme would be teaching numbers of learner drivers who are not family members, the cost of insurance alone might prove be prohibitively expensive, or doing so could invalidate the insurance policy. There is no requirement to hold a trainee licence to take a part 3 test.  Those without a licence will need to ensure that they adhere to the restrictions at the time in their region, which may require that they present for test with a family member or someone in their bubble, who can be a full licence holder.

What is the situation concerning pink licences if the PDI did follow the correct requirements of the DVSA and send back their badge to the DVSA. Can you clarify this please?

If a trainee has demonstrated that they were not using their licence, the Registrar will take that into account in the decision whether or not to grant another.  This advice is on gov.ukand has not changed.

Why are some PDI’s having to pay to get their Pink licences back and some are not having to pay?

No one has been given a ‘free’ licence; there is no legislative mechanism to waive the statutory fee.  Rather than have trainees pay for a licence they couldn’t use, anyone who applied from 1 March was offered the option to withdraw and receive a refund of the fee and advised to reapply or for DVSA to hold their application to issue at a later date.  This was dependant on a number of factors including when they passed their part 1 and the earliest date of their initial training; there are no powers to overlook these regulatory requirements.  Those who opted for the application to be put on hold were issued a licence with their new preferred start date.  Those who withdrew the application needed to make a fresh application including paying the fee.

What is happening with Part 3 and Standards checks please?

As you appreciate, we are implementing additional control measures to reduce the risk to everyone during these tests.  Our SOP is not yet finalised.  We now have feedback from PHE and will announce a date for the resumption of these tests shortly.

We are unable to confirm a date or SOP arrangements at this time, but we would like to take this opportunity to bust the popular myth.  We will not be reallocating enforcement staff to support candidate testing.  P3 and Standards checks will resume imminently.  We will confirm details as soon as possible.

Does DVSA have any updates for when they can return to training and testing?

No, we continue to monitor.  We do have direct contacts and weekly discussions with the devolved governments.

When tuition and testing resumes in Scotland, it is most likely that the current NHS advice on COVID 19 will remain in force for some considerable time.  I.e. If you have any symptoms of COVID 19 self-isolate and request a COVID test. Will the DVSA therefore continue to accept short notice candidate cancellations without incurring another test fee, or will a medical certificate be required?

As per our guidance on gov.uk  CLICK HERE, This page also assures candidates that they can reschedule or cancel free of charge, even at short notice (within 3 days or on the day).

Does DVSA have any updates for when they can return to training and testing?

No, we continue to monitor.  We do have direct contacts and weekly discussions with the devolved governments.

When tuition and testing resumes in Scotland, it is most likely that the current NHS advice on COVID 19 will remain in force for some considerable time.  I.e. If you have any symptoms of COVID 19 self-isolate and request a COVID test. Will the DVSA therefore continue to accept short notice candidate cancellations without incurring another test fee, or will a medical certificate be required?

As per our guidance on gov.uk  CLICK HERE, This page also assures candidates that they can reschedule or cancel free of charge, even at short notice (within 3 days or on the day).

What is the DVSA’s advice for local lockdowns in terms of continuing training and testing?

You will have seen our recent message regards Leicester.  Our services have reverted to critical workers only, and driving or riding instruction is limited to critical workers preparing for a test until after the restrictions are lifted.  We will assess local lockdowns on a case by case basis.

Are police being updated so fines etc do not occur?

This is addressed by central government as part of the weekly Covid19 update of public services.  Our service resumption has been widely covered by media.

If DVSA can trace that one of their examiners contracted the virus from our pupil on test, what action will DVSA be taking? Will they sue the ADI or pupil? And who is responsible – the instructor or the pupil?

The Test and Trace service is all about preventing onward transmission and public health, not liability. This is about all of us working together to ensure the best possible and practical standards of PPE, hygiene and social distancing to prevent as far as possible the transmission of Covid19.

Is there any news on pupils having lessons in their own cars?

Private practice is permitted as long as it is conducted by someone in the candidate’s bubble.  It is for ADIs to determine if they wish to provide instruction in the pupil’s car.  The SOP, including the cleanliness of the vehicle, applies equally to cars presented for test.

All driver training services are allowed to resume business from the 4th July in line with Step 3 of the UK Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy. In that document it states:

“In order to facilitate the fastest possible re-opening of these types of higher-risk businesses and public places, the Government will carefully phase and pilot re-openings to test their ability to adopt the new COVID-19 Secure guidelines. The Government will also monitor carefully the effects of re-opening other similar establishments elsewhere in the world, as this happens.”

Please can the DVSA advise how the resumption of all driver training services on the same day fits in with this statement and secondly please can the DVSA share their findings so far on the reopening of driver training services in other countries. Throughout the pandemic DVSA has continued to offer critical worker tests,  evenly spread across the country, covering car, rider and vocational.  Our SOPs were carefully designed by a multidisciplinary group including Policy, Operations, HR, H&S, Estates and Communications.  Our SOPs were reviewed by Public Health England.  We have maintained regular discussion with Trade Unions and our frontline staff (who volunteered to conduct these tests) to gather feedback and continuously improve our processes.  From 6th July to 21st July we continue to focus on critical workers, and will operate reduced number of tests per day in a staggered working pattern to enable enhanced hygiene and social distancing.  We would suggest this is a phased reopening.

With regards to other countries, we are active members of CIACA, who are the International Commission for Driver Testing, and have 71 members from 39 countries. We have collaborated with members to gain a full understanding of how their services have been affected, what measures they are taking and how they have resumed their services. Other countries have resumed testing by putting certain measures in place similar to DVSA e.g. providing PPE, advice on air conditioning, face coverings, plastic seat coverings, gloves etc. We will maintain collaboration to ensure we are kept up to date with developments.





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