Restarting ADI testing and standards checks

ADI tests and standards checks will restart in England from 22 July and in Wales on 17 August. The restart date in Scotland has yet to be announced.

We’ll be prioritising those whose ADI part 2 test was put on hold due to the pandemic and we’ll contact them with a new test date soon.

This will allow more time for those taking a part 3 test or standards check to get sufficient practice and training from an ORDIT trainer before taking their test.

Once we’ve contacted everyone whose test was rescheduled due to the pandemic, we’ll reopen the booking service for everyone.

Keeping everyone safe

We have been working with NASP and the official register of driving instructor trainers (ORDIT) to finalise our procedures to keep everyone safe during ADI testing. This includes:

  • instructors, pupils, and our examiners wearing a face covering during ADI tests
  • instructors cleaning and sanitising the car prior to arriving for test
  • examiners wiping all touch points when entering the car

We’ll let you know more about the procedures for ADI part 3 and standards checks soon.