ADINJC wanted to gather some facts about the situation with regard to booking driving tests for students who had been subject to test cancellations because of the Covid 19 lockdown.  The survey was carried out over a period of two days, having to be cut short because DVSA were about to re-open the booking system to the public.
However, in the 2 day period there were 423 responses.

What type of tests do you or your learners book?
Of the 423 respondents:
406 (96%) were booking for learner drivers, with the remainder booking vocational tests.

How many of your learners had a practical test booking cancelled due to lockdown?  Please give the total number of tests for all categories.
249 (60%) had between 1-5 tests cancelled through Covid 19
130 (31%) had 6-10 cancelled tests.

What percentage of those tests have been invited to re-book?
256 people (62%) had received invitations for all of their students to re-book.
94 people (23%) had 75% of cancelled tests invited to re-book
28 (7%) only 50%,
13 (3% of respondents) only 25%
24 people had received less than 25% of invitations to rebook their cancelled tests.
So at the time of the survey there were still a number of test candidates who had not received an email inviting them to re-book.

What percentage of cancelled tests have been satisfactorily re-booked?
Only 168 people (40.5% of respondents) said that 100% of their cancelled tests had been satisfactorily re-booked.
Those with 50% and less than 25% of satisfactory re-bookings were equal at 13 respondents each.
21 people had 25% of their tests satisfactorily re-booked, leaving 75% not re-booked satisfactorily.

Which of the following describe the reason(s) why you’ve been unable to re-book tests?
Of the reasons given for not re-booking, the highest number was for ‘alternative test centres too far away’ with 104 people saying that.
The next highest reason for not re-booking was that the dates offered were too soon (89 people gave that reason).
72 people said the link to book didn’t work
53 that the dates on offer were too far away.
Other reasons given for not re-booking were that the learner didn’t want to, or that their theory test had expired.

How many learners have cancelled lessons post-lockdown because they don’t have a test date yet?
209 people reported that they had 1-5 students who were not currently taking lessons because they had no test booked
98 had lost 6-10 students.
Only 86 people said that they hadn’t lost students because of the lack of tests.

How many of your learners will need to retake their theory test because their certificate expired during this period?
95 people had 1 student who will have to re-take their theory test because it will have expired before they can get another test.
12 people had more than 5 students needing to re-sit their theory
66 had more than 2 students.

You can view the survey results in chart form here.

ADINJC is dissatisfied and frustrated with the current situation in regard to re-booking learner tests.  We appreciate the difficulties of re-booking such a large number of tests but remain concerned that the system has been opened up to members of the public before those tests put on hold were satisfactorily dealt with.  We are still receiving contact from concerned members who need help because their ‘on hold’ students have not yet been able to book a test.

We will continue to liaise with DVSA.




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