Air con – on or off?

I’ve seen a lot of discussion on social media about whether or not to have air con on.  So many thanks to Keith Gambles of Wokingham Driving School (who just happens to have an MSC) for the following words:

For some time I’ve been confused by the advice of “don’t use the air con in cars”.
It comes I believe from the early advice about buildings, where a lot of A/C recirculates the air.

Now in a car the air that comes via the vents is either just outside air (temperature adjusted by the heat exchange unit) if the A/C is enabled this just cools the air?  So we’re still getting fresh air into the car, just colder.

If our windows are also open we get more fresh air, but if it’s hot (yes not good for fuel economy) put on the A/C to keep cool.

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