Traffic Safety Roads – August

The August edition of Traffic Safety Roads is now out – many thanks to Graham Feest, our Road Safety Advisor.

In this month’s edition –

  • The Arrival of EV’s
  • Follow on…..
  • Hydrogen Powered Buses
  • Electric Charging Points Debate
  • Talking About Eyesight
  • Driver Stress Revealed
  • Do Points on your Licence Really Matter
  • Shortage of Drivers Lead to Questionable Changes
  • Under the Influence of Pollen
  • New Head of Policy and Public Affairs
  • National Road Victims Month
  • ADI Federation
  • Public Opinion Shifting Towards Default 20MPH
  • Are We Identiing Training needs Correctly
  • Smart Motorway Report
  • Road Worker Safety
  • Positive Impact of Cycle Lanes Emerging
  • Time to Declutter the Pavement
  • Decarbonise All Modes of Transport by 2050
  • London Road Safety Council
  • Stolen Cars in 2020
  • Motoring Public Do Not Like E-Scooters
  • Updated Version of the Highway Code
  • Drug Offences Catching up with Alcohol
  • British Eurorap Results 2021
  • Reducing Casualties by Stopping Crashes – Hull
  • Welcoming Roads
  • Electric Vehicles More Popular Than Ever
  • Comparing Health and Safety Deaths
  • Reducing Casualties by Stopping Crashes – Stirling


Click here for the August edition of Traffic Safety Roads.