The June edition of Traffic Safety Roads is now out – many thanks to Graham Feest, our Road Safety Advisor.

In this month’s edition –

  • Travelling Around with CV19 in Mind
  • The London Streetspace Programme
  • The Most “Dangerous Roads” in Great Britain
  • New Interim Chief Executive for IAM RoadSmart
  • Vehicle Licensing Statistics 2019
  • Have Lock Down Breeches Been Years in the Making?
  • Powered Two Wheelers
  • First Woman Fined £3 for Speeding
  • Organ Donation and Road Crashes
  • Scottish Put Money into Infrastructure Changes
  • Cause of Death: TSRGD
  • Fall In Diesel Cars
  • Transport Infrastructure Investment Fund
  • Electric Scooters
  • 2019 Driving Culture Survey
  • Safety Benefits of Lower Urban Speed Limits
  • Covid19 A Fleet Managers Guide
  • Post-Crash Action and Care – A Guide for Fleet Managers
  • Toolkit for Vulnerable Road Users
  • Persuading People to Buy Electric
  • The Tom Harrington Papers
  • CV19 Traffic Volumes and its Impact on Road Crashes
  • Are Warning Signs of Any Value (follow up from May)
  • Riders Concerned about the Behaviour of Drivers
  • The Theory of Everything


Click here for this month’s edition of Traffic Safety Roads.


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