Monday Webinar

Our next webinar will be on Monday 8 March, when Lynne, Matt and Andrew will be joined by Clare from the Federation of Small Businesses.  The last time Clare joined us it was a most interesting and informative session.  You can register here.

Clare has kindly  pointed us in the direction of a most interesting list of all the local authorities, and the amounts that they have paid out in Additional Restrictions Grants.  You may be interested to have a look and see just how much money your Council has paid, especially if you have been turned down and are fighting them!  You can access it here.  It may give you some useful ammunition.


No doubt we will all be watching the budget tomorrow with our fingers crossed, particularly those who have so far not received any help from the government.


Highways England has launched a review of the Highway Code to improve road safety on motorways and high-speed roads.  The consultation will run for 4 weeks and closes at 23.59 on 29 March.

HIghways England is asking for views on updated safety information for high-speed dual carriageways and motorways.

Proposed changes include updating information on the use of variable speed limits to manage congestion, the use of red X signs to close lanes, and what to do in the event of a breakdown.

You can read full details of the proposed updates, and give your views, on GOV.UK.


Another consultation that is  now halfway through is that on changes to driving licences and motorcycle tests.  This will end on 23 March, and is asking for views on things like:

• allowing candidates who pass their test in an automatic transmission vehicle to drive a manual vehicle (if they already hold a manual entitlement in another licence category)

• reducing the engine size of bikes that can be brought to an A2 motorcycle test

Find out more about the consultation and give your views.


Get in early – book your place for the Conference & Expo ’21 here.