Updates to end the week

Many people have been trying to get through on the booking system because they want to cancel a test, but have been unable to do so.  In view of the current situation, currently anyone not turning up to test will get a refund because DVSA knows that people can’t get through on the phone.


We heard that people were unhappy that examiners were having windows fully open during tests and in the recent bad weather, car seats were getting soaked, so this has been discussed with DVSA.

“In the Government Guidelines, Working safely during COVID-19 in or from a vehicle, updated 12 August, it states ‘Making sure vehicles are well-ventilated to increase the flow of air, for example, by opening a window’.

Opening windows for ventilation should be adhered to on a case by case basis dependant on weather conditions.   Ventilation is one of the control measures in place, which should be followed as and when suitable, whilst also adhering to other measures i.e. face coverings, gloves if preferred, sanitising the vehicle, seat coverings if chosen etc.

We have asked our Driving Examiners to ensure the car is well ventilated, however we did specifically discuss bad weather and how the windows should only be opened enough to allow for ventilation.”

Please let us know if you have any difficultities at specific test centres.


On Sunday we shared a situation brought to us by John Rogers of the Disability Driving Instructors group of a deaf test candidate who had received poor service when attending for a test.

We also drew this to the attention of DVSA and are pleased to say that they took immediate action.  They called a meeting and as a result –

  • examiner SOPs have been amended to include the information on reasonable adjustments
  • updated guidance is being issued to examiners
  • the candidate is being offered a free test, and this will be arranged without having to go through the public booking system

I think we can call that an excellent result and thank the DVSA for their prompt action.


NASP asked the DVSA:

Is there any comment from DVSA to queries that the current number of slots (35k) puts operating capacity at around 20% of where test delivery would normally be in ‘normal’ times. 7 slots down to 5 a day clearly explains some of that drop, Scotland being closed in terms of tests, etc., but any other factors for people to reflect on? Based on annual numbers of tests, a six week period would normally see up to somewhere in the region of 190,000 tests taking place?

The reply was:

On launch day there was a six week window, but not six weeks’ worth of tests. 

The system operates on a 6 week rolling window, whereby our deployment team are six weeks ahead loading programmes to be opened and made available for booking.  Thus, the 1st September  release will include all new slots week commencing 5th October and any cancellations, unfilled slots or new slots created through overtime or extra local capacity for the first 5 weeks i.e. 1st Sept-to-4th Oct.

Regards this week’s opening, prior to opening the system to the general public, on hold candidates and critical workers had priority advance access to book themselves a slot.  Many of the slots for the first 5 weeks had already been filled with those priority candidates, thus what you saw was effectively one weeks’ worth of test availability plus any others that were left over.

This will be an ongoing weekly release, with number of tests added each week varying slightly dependent upon capacity, DE availability, overtime etc.


We are expecting more communications from DVSA on the booking system today and will of course circulate this as soon as possible.



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