The AGM of the ADINJC will be held on Saturday 5 March by zoom.  We had hoped this would be a physical meeting but have decided in view of the current situation to play it safe and hope that we may be able to meet up in June.

The Notice of the Annual General Meeting can be accessed here.  If you wish to propose a Motion for consideration at the AGM, or to nominate somone to serve on the Governing Committee you can do so on the forms attached to the Notice.

The AGM will be followed by the Association Meeting.

Agendas for these meetings will be sent out shortly, along with the minutes of the last meetings.  If you wish to attend please email as numbers may be limited.


Changes to the Highway Code

Many thanks to member Ian Hornal for sending in a pyramid of the hierarchy alongside the Introduction Text before Parliament.  He says he is happy for anyone to use it, change and improve on it.  You can access it here.

We’ve come across this video on the changes which also looks interesting, and may be useful,  access it here.


Energy Saving Trust are offering one-to-one EV training sessions for instructors in Scotland who are considering making the switch to electric vehicles.  You can find out more information here.


Tax bills will be due shortly, many people who haven’t ‘bounced back’ are worried about paying the tax owed on the SEISS grants.  Although on the face of it ADIs are very busy, we are aware they are experiencing a lot of cancellations for Covid related issues.

You may be interested in signing this petition to demand that the tax on the SEISS grants for 20/21 be postponed until economic normality is closer within reach.