MOT centres will be very busy in September, October and November 2020

All the MOTs that were given an extension will now fall due in September, October and November and DVSA are predicting that garages are going to be mega busy in those months.  So if it applies to you, you might want to consider getting booked in early!


Self Employed Income Support Scheme – there are now YouTube videos to help people making a claim.  This is the link for the overview of the scheme.  This is the link for how to make a claim. website has information for people living in the North of England, and it includes a list of useful FAQs.  Here is the link.


Up to date guidance on face coverings and when to wear them can be found on this link.  And there is also a template that can be printed off for people who are exempt from wearing them.


Theory tests re-start in Wales on Monday


I have to say I never gave much thought before, other than trawling through it for information.  But since I’ve been getting the daily updates I realise what an impressive machine it is!   No idea how many people work there but the amount of stuff they churn out is enormous.  Just this morning there were 86 items on the update (I got someone to count them for me), and each of these links to a vast amount of information.


Well done to John Rogers (Disability Driving Instructors) for his letter about theory tests which did elicit a reply from Baroness de Vere, Minister of Transport.


Have a good weekend everyone.





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