Weekend updates

We appreciate not everyone will be having the weekend off, but whatever you’re doing hope it goes well for you.  Good luck to the Scots joining England and Wales and re-starting lessons on Monday.

For those in Bristol, the theory test centre is changing.  From 19 May the address for the new site is Building 340, The Crescent, Bristol Business Park, Bristol, BS16 1EJ.  Anyone with a test booked will be contacted, but you may like to check with your students.

We were asked about the recent DVSA comms that said the pupil’s email address should be given if you are booking tests for your students, and made enquiries with DVSA.  Their reply was –

As the test is the candidates test and the end of test summary / driving test report relates to their performance, there is a requirement that the documentation should be provided to the candidate, who for the purposes of the test, is the customer. As well as their performance, the document includes other important information that is relevant to the candidate, including a ‘Statement of Failure’ for those who are unfortunately unsuccessful, data privacy information, pass plus information etc and a customer satisfaction survey. The candidate then has the option to share the summary or forward it on to their driving instructor, if they wish. This is even more relevant than ever with the updated and improved guidance to understanding your test result. Providing the report to the candidate was always the case with the paper version, which was handed to the candidate at the end of the test.

Therefore providing the candidate email address is the preferred option, but it is not a ‘must’ as there will obviously be occasions when a candidate may not have an email address or may prefer the end of test summary to go to a different email address, including their driving instructors.
Whichever email address is provided at the point of booking will not interfere with the booking process and is not verified until the candidate attends for test. During the meet and greet at the test centre, the candidate will be asked to confirm that they are satisfied for their end of test summary to go to the email address provided and have the option to change it if they wish, which still satisfies the requirement of providing a copy of their report. Allowing the candidate to change the email address during the meet and greet will cater for a change in their circumstances where the initial email is no longer applicable, if the email provided is a previous ADI, if there are mistakes (spelling) with the email provided etc.


And some guidance from Scot Gov for our Scottish instructors returning to work on Monday –

Vehicle Lessons Guidance Update

In advance of the easing of restrictions coming into effect from 26 April, we have now updated our vehicle lesson guidance on our website.

Please also find attached the ‘Helping your business to reopen safely’ toolkit. This has been developed by the Scottish Government to support businesses across Scotland to reopen safely by providing them with posters and digital assets they can use to promote the latest guidance and regulations to employees and customers.

We encourage you to utilise them in key spaces where staff and the general public can see them. The guidance and regulations promoted in the resources are critical in our combined efforts to enable businesses to reopen safely while minimising the spread of COVID-19.

The campaign toolkit attached includes the following resources:

• 5 posters, covering messaging for both business staff and customers
• 4 social / digital posts
• An A5 leaflet
• A window sticker

Please find the assets below in DropBox format:

• Dropbox – Scottish Government – Reopening Assets – Simplify your life