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In consultation with Transport Scotland, DVSA tell us that it will be possible for ADIs in Aberdeen to re-start work along with the rest of Scotland on Monday 24 September.  Aberdeen will be subject to more restrictions following a spike in cases of Covid 19.  However, there is no mention of driving lessons in the tighter restrictions.  You can read the Scottish government document here.  Pages 4 and 5 have the relevant information.


Here’s an article from the BBC on the DVSA booking service crashing.


On 24 July we submitted an FoI request for information from DVSA and have just received the following answers.

Please could you tell me how many examiners involved in carrying out key worker tests have contracted Covid 19.

We are unable to provide this information due to low numbers, as to do so would breach the first data protection principle (fair and lawful) and as such the information is exempt from disclosure under section 40(2) (personal information) of the FoIA. Disclosing this information would potentially risk individuals being identified which would be unfair to those who have not consented to the release of their personal data.  

For each case, the examiner(s) did not contract the virus at work to our knowledge. In each case, they went into immediate self-isolation when they found out that someone close to them had coronavirus symptoms. The Track and Trace team were notified of any positive test result. DVSA provided the team with the contact details of the candidates who had a critical worker test within the previous 2 weeks. Might I also explain that all who have contracted Covid 19 have, we are delighted to report, made a full recovery.

Are the emails to candidates with cancelled tests going out in the strict order that their original tests were scheduled for?

Following the suspension of testing as a result of COVID-19 we rescheduled all booked car tests taking into account candidates preferences including test centres and preferred days of the week.

These tests were subsequently put on hold.

We have now invited theses candidates in the order of their rescheduled test dates, where possible.

Unfortunately, some candidates whose tests were due from 16 March to 20 March did not get an email when we started to invite people to rearrange their test. We resolved this situation as soon as we became aware.

We’ve now emailed more than 172,000 candidates inviting them to book a new test at a time that is convenient for them. Those remaining include Scottish candidates as driving tests are still suspended in Scotland.

If so, how is it that we hear of people with tests booked for 17-22 March who have not yet received emails to re-book?

There were candidates on 18th & 19th March that were initially cancelled and rebooked into the earliest available dates from the 22nd March. These dates were prior to the 3 month pause which took effect from 22nd March. As soon as we realised that these candidates were out of sequence, we put measures in place to invite them to rebook their test.

We also asked about numbers of tests conducted, but this information won’t be available until 22 September.


And we requested the risk assessment carried out in respect of examiners carrying out Part 3 tests and Standards Checks.  You can read the risk assessment here.



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