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Who are the team?

Lynne Barrie MA Driver Training: Lynne is the ADINJC Chairman, has written books for the industry including Standards Check Success and Come to Coaching as well as articles for Intelligent Instructor. Formerly a teacher she is well known for her enthusiasm to deliver client centred learning and is now a Grade A having recently scored 51/51 on her standards check.

Nick Ibbott: Nick is ADINJC Vice President and a former head of training. He has been a top grade ADI for many years and with ORDIT. He is probably one of the few ADIs who actually enjoy and look forward to their Standards Check! His enthusiasm for helping people makes him a very popular ADI trainer. You might also have heard him on DIPOD as part of their podcast team.

Edward Marshall: Ed is a Grade A and also holds BTEC level 4 in Coaching for Driver Development, RoSPA Advanced Diploma and Diploma in Driving Instruction. He trains drivers in a wide range of vehicles including learners, B+E, Fleet car and Fleet LGV. Ed specialises in coaching pre and post qualification in PDI/ADI and Fleet training.

James Quinn: James is our Head of Training. He is a DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer. James is also an examiner for the Diamond Advanced & Diamond Special Driving Tests and is a highly experienced trainer of ADIs. Interestingly all our trainers still teach some learner lessons as it keeps them in touch with reality! As ADINJC were part of the working party that helped to design the Standards Check all the team are very up to date with it.

Intermediate Level Coaching Workshop

Standards Check Workshop

This workshop offers you the opportunity to understand the Standards Check and what the DVSA expect. You will be able to ask questions and improve your teaching skills for the Standards Check and beyond.

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Standards Check Training

Effective Coaching Workshop

Coaching is becoming the way forward in training drivers. This workshop is very interactive from the start in looking at ways to enhance your understanding and knowledge about what coaching is and how to use coaching in your lessons,

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 Intermediate Level Coaching

Have you been wondering or confused by what the GDE Higher Levels are? This workshop looks at how to coach your drivers on levels 3&4 of the GDE Matrix. Your trainers will show you easy to use coaching skills that will help you facilitate your driver in making them more aware of how their Thoughts and Belief systems and their emotional states have a direct affect on their driver behaviour.

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