The DVSA have published it’s first Annual Review  covering  2016/17  it sets out some of the work they’ll be doing in 2017/18.

They’ve also published an Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17 setting out what they have achieved in the year.

The points of interest from both documents are:

For qualified ADIs we’ll increase the overall number of standards checks we carry out, targeting poor performance and those ADIs who haven’t yet undergone a new standards check.”

 We’ll continue to use intelligence and disruptive operations to target fraudsters and other law-breakers. Our 3 units – intelligence, criminal analysis and strategic traffic management – will identify high-risk vehicle operators and MOT garages, and illegal driving instructors. The information our units gather will tell us what illegal activity is occurring, and where we need to target our enforcement to take non-compliant individuals and operators off the road.”
Demand for car practical tests has been increasing, leading to a significant rise in waiting times. Reducing waiting times has therefore been a priority for the Agency throughout the year. Although the challenging target to reduce the average waiting time for the whole year to 7.4 weeks was not achieved, the Agency successfully reduced the in-month average waiting time to 6.0 weeks in March 2017. “