We’ve published new versions of the driver’s record on GOV.UK.

Driver’s records are a good way to track your pupils’ progress and for them to record their practice and skills.

The records have been updated so that they:

  • are easier to read and use
  • group together key skills so you can easily check what your pupils need to know
  • include new stages of learning so your pupils can reflect on their lessons

How learners can use the driver’s record

Tomorrow (12 February 2020) we’ll be publishing a blog post about how you can help us encourage learner drivers to practice driving in the dark.

Part of the blog post covers when you should suggest your pupils practice with an accompanying driver.

The driver’s record is a good way to record this practice and experience.

This blog post is part of a series about how we’re encouraging learner drivers to broaden their experience before taking their test.

You can find out more about this campaign in our blog post from July.