Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do if I have lost my green badge or it’s stolen?

If this happens you must contact the DVSA straight away to tell them that your approved driving instructor (ADI) badge has been lost or stolen and then request a replacement badge. You cannot give driving lessons until you have a replacement. It costs £3 to replace a lost or stolen badge. You must send your old badge to DVSA if you find it later.

When you contact DVSA, you’ll need to give them:

  • Your crime reference number if your badge was stolen – you can get this by contacting the police
  • Permission to use the photo from your photocard driving licence (otherwise you’ll need to post them a passport-style photograph)

What do I have to do if I receive a conviction or caution?

You must tell the DVSA in writing within 7 days if you get any caution or conviction. This includes, being ‘bound over’, having your name entered in the sex offenders’ register, being banned from working with children and any motoring offences. Write to the DVSA approved driving instructor team by emailing,

What is NASP?

NASP is the National Associations Strategic Partnership and is a representative body focused on promoting the interests of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). It is formed of representatives of the three main membership associations for driver trainers in the UK and consists of the ADINJC, DIA and MSA GB. Find out more at

I’m a PDI how much are the qualifying tests?

You have to pass the qualifying tests before you register as an ADI with DVSA. You have to pay the full amount again if you do not pass any of the tests, and want to take another one. ADI Part 1 £81, ADI Part 2 £111 and ADI Part 3 £111

What does it cost to register and renew my licence?

The 1st ADI certificate or badge is £300, to renew it or reregister is also £300. A replacement badge is £3.00. A trainee (PDI) licence is £140. There are different fees for taking the ADI qualifying tests and registering in Northern Ireland.

Can I use the DVSA logo now I’m an ADI?

You must apply to the DVSA to get permission if you want to use their logos. You can get permission to use the DVSA logo, Pass Plus logo, DVSA enhanced rider scheme logo and Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) logo. Get permission to use DVSA logos – GOV.UK (

I want to help to start a local association, how do I go about that?

We have just the book for you! We made it as people were asking us this question. Just email us at

Does it matter exactly where on my windscreen I display my trainee ADI licence or my ADI licence?

Yes it does, it must be displayed on the left hand edge (looking from inside the car) of the windscreen with the photograph showing inside the car. Regulations clearly state this and that the particulars on the back are clearly visible in daylight from outside the car and the particulars on the front are clearly visible from the front nearside seat of the vehicle.

Should I give my pupils a mock test? Where can I get copies of the marking sheet?

It’s a really good idea to carry out one or more mock tests. You can download copies here:

Driving test marking sheet – GOV.UK ( or purchase from suppliers of driving school items.

A mock test provided at an appropriate time, preferably when the pupil is test ready can have huge advantages including:

  • Exposes the pupil to the test environment.
  • Provides an appraisal of their level of ability before the actual test. Interactive client centred profiling.
  • Enables a potential cost saving by being able to defer a booked test should there be specific development driving needs.
  • Consolidate ‘Eco safe’ driving skills.
  • Reduces the risk of being unsuccessful and loss of moral.
  • Reduces DVSA waiting times by presenting pupils whom are more likely to pass first time.

Can an ADI be removed from the register because one person complains about them?

Yes, it’s possible but very unusual and would be investigated as DVSA recognise there are two sides to every story. In most removal cases the ADI Registrar being removed from the register will have received one or more convictions and multiple complaints about them.

Can someone with a disability or who has an automatic only driving licence qualify as an ADI?

Yes they can if they have held a full licence for the qualifying period. If their licence is for an automatic car they will only be able to teach in an automatic car, if they want to teach in a manual car they must pass the car driving test in a manual car first. Someone with a disability may need to take an extra assessment if they have an automatic licence because they have a disability. This will prove they can keep control of the car in an emergency.

Are there any guidelines for helping to teach people who are pregnant?

Driving Whilst Pregnant, Safeguarding, GDPR, Fit and Proper, Grandfather Rights and Supervision of Learners, How to carry out a risk assessment and many others. They can be seen in the resources section of the website or email us at

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