NASP Response to Part 3 changes announced to improve the ADI part 3 test in line with the standards check

The National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) comprises the Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council (ADINJC); the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) & the Motor Schools Association of Great Britain (MSA GB). Current chair Lynne Barrie M.A


Improvements to the ADI qualification process have been ongoing since 2013 as part of the Modernising Driver Training consultation. In 2014 due to the majority of respondents wanting the ADI Part 3 to be replaced by a standard check the possibilities of this began. DVSA consulted NASP and asked for members views and NASP fully supported the change from the current Part 3 to a standards check using the same criteria and marking framework. Since that date instructor trainers have been surveyed to understand their awareness of any proposed changes and the survey outcomes were discussed with NASP. DVSA have now sent out a statement to ADIs with their intended plans and an implementation date of October 2nd 2017. NASP welcome a further meeting in May with DVSA and a proposed meeting with all instructor trainers as part of ongoing engagement strategy.


Following on from each meeting NASP have sent out a report to members. Those reports highlighted that there were concerns about some aspects of the initiative:

September 2016: “The main problem was considered to be the provision of a pupil, which could be a full licence holder, but not an ADI. DVSA had said that they felt their examiners were sufficiently experienced to be able to tell if someone had pre-rehearsed a lesson”

December 2016: “Some concern was still expressed about the provision of a ‘live’ learner, as it was felt this could be open to manipulation”.

NASP welcome the changes to Ordit and the move away from the current pre-set tests to a more client centred approach. The majority decision at NASP is to welcome all the proposed changes however all three of the association members are not in complete agreement with all aspects of the proposals. We will be asking DVSA to carry out with NASP a full review of the changes after 2,500 of the new style tests are completed. Meanwhile NASP look forward to continued dialogue with DVSA who have said they will hold a meeting for trainers at which these matters still causing concern can be discussed. We fully realise the need to continue communicating with DVSA and other parties.