If you missed last night’s training webinar on Part 3 and Standards Checks, then you can view it here.

Mention was made of DVSA’s risk assessment for conducting tests with an examiner in the back, and yo
u can find that here.  And here for our document ‘Changes to the Part 3 and Standards Check during COVID-19’.


We have received the following from DVSA after sending them the letter from HSE about waiting rooms  –

Regards use of waiting rooms, many thanks for forwarding HSEs response to the recent ADINJC enquiry.  Our current holding position is as follows:

DVSA’s priority is to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Following engagement with driving instructors we made toilet and handwashing facilities available for any candidate, instructor or accompanying driver if requested.

DVSA is currently in discussion with HSE about the use of waiting rooms for driving instructors.


We were made aware of tests not going out because the ADI and student arrived at the test centre without masks and examiners are refusing to take them out.  This should not be happening and tests should still go ahead, as said on the DVSA/NASP webinar of 17 July.

Both DVSA and NASP strongly promote the use of face coverings during lessons and would impress on ADIs the need to ensure a safe and clean training environment.  The wearing of a face covering protects others, not wearing one in a confined space risks unnecessary spreading of the virus.  We would encourage all ADIs to read the DVSA SOPs, NASP advice and to follow Public Health 1m+ guidance.

That said, whilst face coverings are mandatory on test, they are not compulsory on lessons as this is a matter for the individual business.

When candidates arrive without a mask, the examiner should ask the candidate to ventilate the vehicle before completing the sign up process, eyesight test and tell me question, where possible these should be done without entering the vehicle. The test should then continue as normal.  Examiners are being reminded of this procedure.


We have today asked the following questions of DVSA:

• There are numbers of test centres with test availability showing for this week, including Saturday, but no way to book them.  What a waste of tests.  Are there any plans to try and get these filled?

• Lots of ADIs are falling foul of the no booking rule.  However, we feel this is no wonder when you see this page –

ADIs are now working and often don’t have time to keep up with the latest bulletins, so when they go on the system and find this message they don’t realise they shouldn’t be booking.  We can totally understand why they are confused and making mistakes and would like this to be clearer for people.

• Could we be told what cleaning products have been issued to examiners?  Some ADIs are noticing swirl marks on dashboards after examiners have cleaned and are worried that products containing bleach are being used.



Our bank of questions and answers can be found on the front page of the website – www.adinjc.org.uk – please make this your first port of call if you have a question.

The front page of the website also holds our Covid tookbox with masses of information to help you return to work safely.


If you would like to join the ADINJC there is more information on our website.


The NJC continues to be dedicated to help you in these challenging times and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.  Please feel free to contact us for help and support.

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The Secretary’s number is 07855 453414



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