Where do trainers stand with being 3 in a car for training purposes?
Instructors are responsible for ensuring their services remain safe. Guidance on how instructors can undertake risk assessments can be found on the HSE’s website.  We share our SOPs with you in case you wish to refer to them when providing guidance to your members on developing their own health and safety procedures.  Our SOP for conducting ADI Part 3 and Standards Checks has been reviewed by PHE.  This will be shared as part of our communications package.

I’ve a pupil who’s test was cancelled in May, it wasn’t rescheduled as their theory ran out a week later & they haven’t been refunded. Once they have passed the theory test how do they go about rebooking the practical ie will the DVSA invite them as they will do all other rescheduled tests?
The pupil is entitled to a refund on their practical test booking.  Alternatively, they may ask DVSA to keep their booking on hold for a period of time whilst they repass the theory test.  As you appreciate, we could not reschedule the practical test until the theory had been passed.

Will any of the test centres toilets be open when the test centres reopen for normal testing?
Due to social distancing measures we will be unable to open our test centre waiting rooms and toilets. Toilet facilities will only be available in exceptional circumstances for those with a disability, medical condition or pregnancy.
ADI SOP also includes Religious observance

Will Face Visors be allowed on test?
Face visors are not supported for DVSA staff as we have concerns about how they would react in a collision or airbag incident.  If a candidate arrives wearing one they will be advised of the risks, offered a face covering as an alternative.  If the candidate insists on wearing a face visor, they will not be stopped, the test will go ahead.

It is compulsory for everyone in the vehicle to wear a face covering, so they would be required to wear it as well, as this follows guidance from PHE

Will Waiting room facilities be available to candidates/instructors?
Due to social distancing measures we will be unable to open our test centre waiting rooms and toilets. Toilet facilities will only be available in exceptional circumstances for those with a disability, medical condition or pregnancy.
ADI SOP also includes Religious observance.

We ask candidates and trainers to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the test, and for ADIs to be prepared to wait outdoors during the test as they will not be allowed to accompany/observe.  The meet and greet will be conducted in the car park.

Will the new (if any) procedures be added to the email confirming tests date for the candidate?
The email will signpost to a dedicated gov.uk page with information on adjustments and what the candidate can expect on the test.

Will examiners still do 7 tests a day where possible on Cat B tests?
No.  To help us to apply social distance measures we have had to change our examiners’ programmes.  They will also have different working patterns so we can allow time between tests to help us avoid too many people gathering (crowding) in the car park.

When will instructors/pupils be able to book tests for their existing clients?
From week commencing 13th July we will begin emailing on hold candidates inviting them to select a new test date. We’ll ask the candidate to discuss with their instructor before booking a new test slot.  Test slots will be available from 22nd July onwards. These candidates will have priority to book their test slots before we open up the booking service to the general public. We will be contacting them in batches to rebook their tests to avoid strain on the system.  We do not currently have an estimated date for re-opening the public booking system.

Will outstations be included in normal testing as before lockdown?
Yes, however we will be unable to reopen all test centres. This will vary on a site by site basis. We want to make sure each location is safe having been closed for a significant time. We’ll share a list of all the affected test centres separately.

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