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Pupil Information for your


from Colin Edwards


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7 Control Risk Measures


Risk assessment

Powerpoint Presentation



List in order of suggested use

Terms and Conditions during COVID-19

COVID-19 Client Risk Assessment Guidance Notes


Client Risk Assessment

NASP Guidelines Following Changes To Government Advice

Risk Assessment

Why & When

Wording to Clients Whilst We Can’t Work


Risk Assessment

Presentation PDF

Business Beyond Lockdown

Dan Hill


Full Risk Assessment

by Steve Howe

To be used as a guide for your Risk Assessment

Returning to work after



Greeting your clients

Returning to work after



Preparing your car, legality, & safety for you and your client.

Ideas for CPD during your Business Downtime:

Marketing, Update, Media & New Tech

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Facebook for your Business

Shaun Harrington Lunt

Instagram for your Business

Shaun Harrington Lunt

Terms and Conditions



Money Matters – Dan Hill

Managing your Income and Tax

Money Matters
Dan Hill

Calculating The Price of a Driving Lesson

ADINJC Stewart Lochrie’s Standards Check Report (Jan 2019)

ADINJC Lynne Barrie’s Standards Check Report

ADINJC Lin Western’s Standards Check Report

ADINJC Neil Peek’s Standards Check Report

ADINJC Ed Marshall’s Standards Check Report

OLM Data Protection Form

OLM Theory Test

Assn Book Example 1

Assn Book Agenda Example 2

ADINJC Driving Instructors Driving Test Record

ADINJC Driving Test Result Analysis

ADINJC Professional Code Of Conduct

ADINJC Terms & Conditions Of Business Leaflet

ADINJC Client Driving Licence Check

ADINJC Sharing Your Driving Licence Information

ADINJC ADI Reflective Log

ADINJC 2014-2016 Standards Check Statistics

ADINJC Business Course – Managing Your Diary 2016

ADINJC Business Course – SWOT Analysis A3

ADINJC Business Course – SWOT Analysis A4

ADINJC Calculating The Price Of A Driving Lesson

DVSA ADI Code Of Practice

DVSA ADI 1 – Standard Operating Procedure

ADI Standards Check Appointment Letter

ADINJC ADI Personal Development Plan

ADINJC Student Reflective Log

Standards Check Form SC1

DL25 Driving Test Report Form

DL25MC Motorcycle Test Report Form

National Standard – Driver and Rider Training

National Standard – Driving Buses and Coaches

National Standard – Driving Lorries

National Standard – Riding Mopeds and Motorcycles

National Standard – Driving Cars and Light Vans

DVSA Car and Light Van Driving Syllabus

DVSA Car and Light Van Driver Competence Framework

National Standard – Developed Driving Competence