This afternoon the DVSA confirmed that rumors recently circulating across social media regarding the implementation date of the new Part 3 slipping were correct.

The full DVSA blog is here, but they key point is:

We still need to gain parliamentary approval for the timing of the implementation, so the changes won’t be happening on 2 October 2017 as we previously told you.

The changes will still happen, but we’re aiming for later in October as the legislation needs to go before Parliament. We then have to wait a minimum of 21 days till we introduce the change. We’ve only had confirmation this week that we won’t be able to do this in time to meet 2 October.

Anyone with a Part 3 booked in the first two weeks of October will be contacted regarding the options available.

The new ADI part 3 test marking sheet is now also available for download, and there are no surprises, other than administration boxes, the competencies and marking structure is exactly the same as the SC1 form.

It has also been confirmed that the ADI Part 2 test will be changing on December 4th to align with the new learner test. There is no change is legislation needed to alter the Part 2 so it is expected this will take place on schedule.

The NASP statement in response to the news is listed below:

NASP is disappointed that the implementation of the new Part 3 assessment has been delayed and that the promised deadline will be missed. The lack of notice (with only one month to go to launch) is unhelpful to trainers and candidates who have already had to get up to speed with these changes in a relatively short timescale. 

NASP had previously asked DVSA to consider delaying the implementation of the changes to the Part 3 on the basis of a lack of confidence that the agency was at the point of readiness to resource the changes. It is now clear that the agency is not ready for the promised launch date.

Whilst it has been made clear throughout that the launch of the new assessment was subject to a regulatory approval process, we were not advised until today that this would cause a delay at such a late stage. 

We have urged DVSA to issue a revised timetable for implementation immediately and ensure candidates and trainers have access to clear advice and support in terms of rescheduling tests booked for October and what their next steps should be. We will keep you updated.

It should be noted that this delay will not affect the introduction of the new driving test on 4 December as those changes do not require parliamentary approval.”

We will continue to keep you updated via our “Newsflash” emails of any further news.