, and we wanted to let you know more about them.

Raising the standards

  • Currently, only 60% of instructors in an ORDIT establishment need to be registered. This will be changed to 100%.
  • Instructors will also need to have achieved a grade ‘A’ on their latest standards check to join ORDIT, instead of being an ADI for 12 months.
  • All ORDIT instructors will need to offer developmental training to other ADIs.

Changes to fees
As part of the changes, the fees will also be simplified. From 1 April 2019, it will cost:
• £207.30 for a premises inspection
• £120 for registration
• £151.20 for trainer inspection at DVSA premises
• £18 for dual registrations

Standards checks
ORDIT trainers will also no longer need to have a standards check unless asked by the Registrar.

Premises inspections
In the old scheme, all ORDIT establishments also needed to undergo a premises inspection, in the new scheme this will only be required for those with five or more instructors.

Registration period
The registration period for members will change to four years, in line with the ADI register.

A new syllabus
We’ve published the new syllabus and ORDIT assesment on GOV.UK.

The old scheme has now closed and we won’t be accepting any new applications on to it.

Thank you for your all feedback and support with these changes.


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