Some driving and riding test centres to remain closed for safety checks

We recently wrote to you to tell you that we were following government COVID-19 advice and would resume driver and rider testing in England from 4 July.

Driving instruction and testing Scotland and Wales, other than for critical workers, have not yet been able to restart following the advice of the Scottish and Welsh Governments.

Some of our driving test centres have now been closed for over 15 weeks. We need to make sure they’re thoroughly checked before we can reopen them.

Amongst other things we are carrying out:
• health and Safety checks
• water checks
• landlord checks
• PPE distribution checks

Getting test centres ready

Many of the contractors we rely on to carry out safety checks put their services on hold during the lockdown. We’re busy working with them to get our test centres ready to open as soon as possible.

This is why some test centres are not currently available on the trainer booker service that we reopened on 6 July. The trainer booker service will be updated as more sites are checked and cleared to reopen.

What next?

You should continue to check daily whether your local test centre has reopened, as some will open in the week ahead.
Where test centres need to remain closed beyond the end of July, we will contact local instructors and trainers to let you know.

Thank you for your patience.




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