Learn how the L test is conducted, assessed and marked

This workshop is delivered by

Andrew Love who is the Training Team Leader at the ADINJC. He’s has delivered training to ADIs & PDIs for over 15 years.

Leigh Brookes who trained at Cardington as a DVSA examiner in 2018 and is still an examiner for various advanced tests outside of the DVSA.

Both trainers are Grade A ORDIT trainers with extensive experience of delivering train the trainer training within the UK.

Help make your pupil feel more confident & relaxed about the test.

What it includes

  • What must happen
  • Understanding the marking system
  • Fault assessment
  • Test wording
  • Reason for the journey
  • What are you going to do next?

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This workshop is suitable for:

The workshop will leave you with a much greater understanding of how the test is conducted, marked and assessed to enable you to deliver more accurate mock tests to your pupils and better understand the feedback at the end of the test.

We as ADI’s take regular Standards Check courses, we prepare ourselves as best we can by researching the latest information, plan routes, and some take additional training.

It’s important that ADI’s prepare their candidates for the tests, which includes what is likely to happen on the day.

The driving test is different from normal driving lessons because the candidate is driving on their own, without any interventions from the passenger. During the session the differences will be discussed, highlighting the benefits of re-creating what it would be like during the driving test.

ADI’s/PDI’s wanting to understand the Assessment and Marking process of the DL25

ADI’s/PDI’s wanting to help promote confidence and understanding of the Driving Test process to their pupils

ADI’s/PDI’s wanting to enhance their learning and CPD

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