Voluntary trailer training accreditation scheme

A partnership of industry stakeholders has been set up to create and oversee the new voluntary trailer training accreditation scheme for motorists towing for business and leisure.

The government is committed to road safety and encouraging drivers to get professional training before towing for the first time or refresh their skills for regular or seasonal towing activities.

We held webinars with car and trailer trainers in November 2021 to gain their ideas and feedback on how the scheme should work, which has supported its development.

The National Council for Accredited Trailer Training

The partnership – known as The National Council for Accredited Trailer Training – will be made up of the accrediting bodies, trailer stakeholder groups, DVSA and the Department for Transport.

The council will be a forum which considers strategic issues around good practice amongst the industry, take up rates, how the syllabus is being delivered and whether overall standards are being met.

The accrediting bodies

The accrediting bodies will accredit the trainers and run the scheme.

A number of organisations have expressed interest in becoming recognised by DVSA as accrediting bodies for trailer training. DVSA will be making an announcement on this soon.

The accreditation scheme’s aims

The scheme aims to:

• make sure drivers who tow a trailer have the skills, knowledge and competencies to tow safely• for those towing a trailer in connection with their work, help ensure an employer’s corporate responsibilities to make sure safe working practices are met

The scheme will provide a core module for all drivers, as well as sector specific modules for different towing activities.

Motorists can find out more about towing safely by visiting our safe towing guidance on GOV.UK

Keeping you updated

We will keep you updated on the scheme’s latest developments in advance of its launch, which is expected to be in March 2022.

This will include how trainers can become accredited to deliver the training and how their training will be audited.