In my relief at hearing the Chancellor’s announcement yesterday I almost overlooked those people new to the industry who are falling down a hole in the plan, for which I apologise.  I appreciate that every plan has to have boundaries, but feel sorry for our colleagues who have given up employment, worked hard to qualify and start their own business.  I can imagine the joy when they completed their Part 3.  And then Coronavirus struck and it all came tumbling down.

If you are in that position we want to help.  Maybe the only way we can help is by offering an ear, so please take advantage of our Talk Line, it’s open to anyone needing it.  They can’t solve your problems, but they can offer an understanding ear.  Numbers are on the website, and if you would like a volunteer to call you back so that you’re not incurring phone charges, please just say.

For the avoidance of any doubt, and because my words may have confused, what is on offer to those that qualify is a taxable grant of up to 80% of your monthly net profit, capped at £2,500 per month.  Please be aware that HMRC will be contacting you.  But also be very aware that there almost certainly will be scammers jumping on the bankwagon!

We will continue to send out information where we can.  If you have any information you think we should be sharing, get in touch.  If there are other ways you think we can help, get in touch.

A member informs us that with regard to his DBS application, he is still required to go to the Post Office for verification.  This is something we will be taking up with DVSA, as well as signatures for out of pocket expenses which require the signature of the candidate.  Neither of these exercises conform to government guidelines on social distancing.


Did you clap last night?  I found it inspiring and emotional, and then found these positive words from fellow ADI Woody Woodward which he has kindly said I may share –

A proud feeling this morning.
This morning I wake up with a good feeling, today I’m proud to be British.
Last night I stood outside my front door with my two children and my wife and joined in with the joyous applause for our front line boys and girls who are battling the COVID19 virus on a daily basis.
Last night I recognised a shift, be honest how did it make you feel. For a moment we could forget about our financial worries and health concerns.
Just for a few minutes you must have felt like everything is going to be alright. You felt a part of the community and it was contagious.
It’s a ripple which like a pebble thrown into a pond will grow and grow.
It started with a single thought and a post on social media, this quickly turned into a collective roller-coaster of conscious feeling.
I spoke to my neighbours, I felt a connection call it what you will but it was a connection of hearts and souls that united us.
The fact that so many people took their loved ones outside on a cold evening and clapped not just with their hands but also their hearts shows the power of positivity.
Just 24 hours earlier a call for help was asked by our leaders, 12 hours later nearly half a million people from all ages and backgrounds responded in a wave of compassion and kindness
How good did it make you feel, a tidal wave of positivity
Let’s keep this going
The benefits are immense
The corona virus has no chance when we combine the power of positivity
Today is a new day DONT follow the negative posts on social media or in your head or be tempted to post something yourself.
If you feel stress or anxiety today just close your eyes and revisit that magical few minutes last night.
Pride and positivity equals belief.
Gratitude is the most powerful of all.
These are the tools we can arm ourselves with going forward and we can win this fight.
Keep safe be kind to each other



George Simpson has again been busy on your behalf, this time having conversations with insurance companies and brokers.  This is what he has to say –

Although the following notes are conversations held with some insurance companies, it is presented as guidelines only, You must always call your insurance company directly to discuss your specific insurance required and cover, it is your policy!

At the moment we all know everything is quite fluid but we must always have legal insurance cover, including for volunteer work.

Information that has been received showed that many insurers companies are offering support in varying ways, so please call your insurer and ask for information if you need to.

This is a short list of the type of things insurers have mentioned

This list varies between insurers and brokers but clearly there are varying levels of support offered
and in all cases, you MUST call your insurance company direct to make sure you are covered, and any changes are reflected in your policy.

Typical support discussed but all insurance companies vary!

 Covering volunteer work, some may have a restriction on carrying equipment and people, others don’t.
 Cover for part time second occupations within your existing policy, you must confirm this in advance
 Delivery of pharmaceuticals, confirmation is required
 Delivering of food, confirmation is required.

This is a short list of insurance companies/brokers and there are others as you know. The key point being made here, is that you MUST CALL your insurance company and see what help is being offered.  Please make sure you are covered for what you intend to do, or ask for support that you feel may help you in these very difficult times.

• BG insurance 01892 50150
• Instructor Cover Plus 0292 0629413
• Adrian flux 08085 039180
• Waveney Insurance Brokers 01603 753888
• Policywave 0333 332 7750
• Simple insurance 01708 632000
• Towergate Insurance 01603 753 888
• Master cover 0800 731 3378
• Insurance4Instructors 01603 301770

Lots of the banks are now giving 0% overdrafts, check to see if yours is.
Barclays – automatically 0% from 27 March to 30 April
HSBC – 3 months, starting now and will be automatic
Lloyds, Halifax  Bank of Scotland – 3 months starting 6 April, will be automatic
Nationwide – has to be applied for, applicable 20 April to 1 July


Whilst our newsflashes are normally a benefit of membership of the ADINJC, during this national emergency we want to share information as widely as possible, so please feel free to pass this on.  We are stronger together.


The NJC continues to be dedicated to help you in these challenging times and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.  Please feel free to contact us for help and support.


ADINJC’s helpline is 0800 8202 444

The Secretary’s number is 07855 453414

You can find the latest NASP guidelines on Coronavirus here.

HMRC Helpline:  0800 0159 559
Citizens Advice Bureau –

You can sign up to receive Government updates on Coronavirus relating to driving tests here.

The ADINJC is a national association run by ADIs on a not-for-profit basis.  We work tirelessly to inform, represent and support our members, and to promote the interests of our profession.