Online business service access for ADIs

Today (6 July), we reopened the trainer booking service for vocational and motorcycle tests, in England.

Driving instruction and testing in Scotland and Wales, other than for critical workers, have not yet been able to restart following the advice of Scottish and Welsh governments.

Access for ADIs and other business users

To allow access to the trainer booking service and so our deployment team can reschedule our examiners’ work patterns, we’ve had to open the online business service for car tests too.

Whilst you are allowed to view and cancel tests, you must not make any new bookings or amend any current bookings for car driving tests.

Cancelling unauthorised bookings

We will be cancelling and refunding any tests booked since the service opened today (6 July).

We’ll be monitoring the use of the online business service to make sure business or training schools do not break these rules or use the system unfairly.

If tests continue to be booked via the service after today, these will be cancelled and your access to the service restricted.




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