ADINJC Response to DVSA blog on ADI Conduct

Whilst we applaud DVSA’s aim to improve standards, ADINJC feels that the blog “making the conduct of driving instructors clearer” has a detrimental effect and in particular lowers the esteem of the industry in the public eye.

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In any industry there will always be a small minority of unprofessional people who need to be dealt with which ADINJC fully accepts.

However putting this blog and press release out to the public has in our opinion damaged the good work of the majority of ADIs on the register because it didn’t give a balanced point of view. We consider the blog is too biased on what’s unprofessional rather than what is, and leaves the public with a poor perception of our industry. Quoting the figure of 109 instructor investigations which include ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’ doesn’t show the public what percentage of those investigations were for that exact reason or how many of those investigations resulted in removal from the register.

One major concern for ADINJC members is DVSA’s stance on contractual issues. If DVSA are going to step into this area around the professional relationship between instructor and pupil then surely they should also be making it clear to learner drivers what their responsibilities are to the instructor and yet there is no corresponding protection for ADIs on any level. All ADIs need to understand issues around safeguarding but in our opinion this blog has given a one sided approach: it does little to help ADIs understand how to act in different circumstances if they have a client who is vulnerable or needs help or if the ADI themselves become a target from a malicious client or their family.

The media headlines this blog has created are disturbing for our industry, with one Radio programme entitled “Did you have a perverted driving instructor?” And discussing the subject as if it was the norm.

We want to thank all our members who have sent us their concerns over this press release and blog. Please continue to send to as we will continue to discuss the contents of the blog further with both DVSA and NASP members and at the next meeting in March.

Lynne Barrie, Chairman