Annabel’s Pit Stop

This is the last of Annabel’s series of articles to help our physical well being.  We would like to thank her for her contributions which we know many have found most valuable.  So here are her tips for keeping motivated during lockdown.

Keeping healthy during Covid-19

It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep motivated as we are now many weeks into this situation, but hopefully some of these top tips will keep us on track!

Exercise consistently
Get some form of exercise regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day but stay consistent. Every day, twice a week, 4 times a week, whatever works for you. Determine what time of day makes you feel best. Exercising in the morning may well set you up for the day. It gets me up and about!

Drink plenty of water
Bodies are made of up to 60 percent water.  Grab a large glass or water bottle and fill it up and sip as you go. If I get nothing on my to-do list done but somehow my water bottle is empty I can end the day with a small win.

Be social
Having friends is the most important key to longevity. Talk to them on the phone or social media.  It really is good to talk……..

Schedule your life
Reserve set times in your schedule for activities that allow you to recharge and that add value to your life, such as daily exercise, a weekly social media quiz, talking with family and friends.  Reserve time for family activities and plan events to do in the future.

Eat more vegetables 

The body uses more energy digesting proteins when processing for example chicken or beef.  Productivity of workload is increased eating more vegetables as less energy is used to digest vegetables.  By stocking up on vegetables for snacks and eating a plant-based diet more often, you can deliver your body its needed nutrition and optimize your production. Avoid loading up on carbohydrates for example bread and pasta.

Make time for yoga and meditation
Millions of people and years of history can’t be wrong. Yoga and meditation are effective tools for managing stress and maintaining health. Yoga assists in grounding people.

Reduce your coffee consumption
Copious amounts of caffeine are not a good long-term strategy for health. You need to be able to sleep well and recharge.  Make sure to keep your coffee consumption to a moderate amount. Try alternatives e.g. green tea or water.

Get off the couch/chair
Every 45 minutes or so you should get out of your chair/couch for at least a minute or two. Stretch, get a drink, anything to get you up. Nobody is meant to sit down for long periods. My Fitbit vibrates when I have been sitting for a long period as a reminder to move about.

Make every minute count
For example, do calf raises while you brush your teeth in the morning. You’ll feel the burn (try single calf raises too).

Buy a juicer
It is a fantastic way to fill your body with vitamins and all the good stuff it needs to continue to operate at a high level.  The frequency of colds and illness may decrease dramatically and keep you energized.

Plan a healthy diet
Your brain needs good fuel to function properly and eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day keeps energy levels up and makes you more productive.


Don’t struggle alone!  We know how isolating the current circumstances can be but there is help if you need it, in the form of a listening ear.  All the following have an ADI background, but with extra skills in listening.  So please feel free to make use of them.  They’re an ear without  judgment.


Christine     01502 713141
Andrew       07812 537 562
Jilly               07765 362 384 (not available 8-10am)
Sue              07841 533390
Neil              07878 168 914
Parv             07712 620 069
George        07415 651 974
Peter           07918 108 577
Bryan          07976 293 721
Tina             07870 439 764 (evenings only)
Debbie        07904 411 747 (not available Tues, Thurs, Sun 3-7pm)
Tony            07900 571 774

Lin               07710 418 965
Graham      07974 814 116



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